Intimacy with husband & breastfeeding... How does this work? first time MOM?

My six week check up is next week. I was just wanting to know from breastfeeding moms, did it affect your sex life at all?

I know I shouldn't feel embarressed but I feel weird and a little awkward about having sex with my husband?

My husband is a great guy!

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    It is a little tricky, as most men don't find milk leaking out of your boobs during sex a turn on! My solution was to buy some really sexy lingerie and keep my bra on throughout, with some very light breast pads in them. A basque is also good because you can add suspenders and it helps to cover that other area that might be a problem - your stretchmarked belly.

    If you do have any milk-related mishaps, try to make it a bit of a giggle, that takes the tension out of it!

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    He needs to be gently reminded that you are going through some changes. The baby is going to take up some time formerly reserved for him. He should be able to accept this. It is very common for a woman to have these feelings after having a baby. You may go through a short period where you don'twant sex at all. Speak with your MD about it when you go in for a check up. Whe can explain some of the ramifications of a new baby for you and your husband. His body hasn't changed, and he is climbing the walls. Sometimes it really is a test of a man's patience during post-partum. Watch for signs of depression in yourself. None of it is your fault. Your body has gone through some amazing changes in just 9 months. Think about it! And now there is another human being, totally lovable and helpless to care for. It would be helpful if your husband learns to change diapers and holds the baby so that bonding can develop early between he and the infant.

    Congratulations. A little prayer for your family. I hope that this helps.

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    Firstly, dont rush sex. Breast feeding in no way hampers a mans enthusiasm for you or sex in fact most think it extra sexy. Keep communication open with him and maybe start with some gentle foreplay without sex. Tell him you feel this way and relax, new mommies are always a lil more tense and nervous.

    BTW your breasts may leak during sex/stimulation but this is normal and is also a nice release to over full sore breasts....

    Source(s): married mum to 3 and one on the way
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    No, it didn't really affect the sex life. I just feel a little weird about him putting his mouth on my breasts... but that's because right now I feel like they're my sons food. :o) Not toys. They don't feel sexual for me at all right now. That's just me though. But we still do have sex and that's about the only thing that's changed... and it's a temporary thing. When I wean, or when my son self-weans, I'm sure it will feel less 'weird' to me. My husband doesn't mind at all.

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    If your husband is a "great guy", then talk with him about it.

    If he had a vasectomy six weeks ago and felt "weird" about having sex with you, you would want him to talk about it, right?

    He should have known before I found out...

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