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    G:Guest , B:Bell man, FD: Front Desk Clerk

    B: Welcome to ABC hotel, May I help you?

    G: Yes, I'd like to check in .

    B: Yes sir, this way, please. May I help you carry your luggage?

    G: Yes, thank you.

    F: Good after noon, sir. May I help you?

    G: Yes, I'd like to check in.

    F: Yes sir, May I have your name, please?

    G: Yes, My name is Jeff Wonder. Reservation number is 123456.

    F: Yes sir,Welcome back to ABC hotel.

    May I have your passport, please ?

    G: Sure, here you are.

    F: Thank you, sir. This time your staying is form september 10 to sep 15,

    Is that right?

    G: Yes, exact.

    F: Thank you sir, this is passport, and these are your room key and

    breakfast coupon, breakfast serving is at cafe restaurant on first floor

    and the serving time is from 6:30 to 10 :00.

    G: Thank you,

    F:Thank you sir, have a nice day.

    G: Thank you, you , too.

    B: Sir, I will show you the way and carry your luggage to your room.

    G: Thank you.

    B: You are welcome.May I have your room key, please.

    G: Here you go.

    B: Thank you.

    ( Taking elevator to Guest's room)

    B: Sir, your room number is 34 on twelve floor,

    G: Ok, I got it.

    B: Yes sir, this is your room, please show your room key in front of the

    sensor on the door knob for a second, your door will open automatica


    G: Ok, I will try it myself later.

    B: As you entering, please insert your room key in the key holder on

    the wall next to the door, then lights will on.

    G: Ok, thank you. By the way, how to use phone?

    B: Yes, sir, room to room call, please dail 8 first then dial the room

    number, outside call, please dail 0 first.

    dail 9 for front desk, dail 5 for housekeeping, dail 1 for room service.

    If you would like to have any assistance, please dail 5 to Front desk.

    We hope youwill enjoy your stay.

    G: Thank you so much.

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