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who are some good football players that came out of San Jose st and Fresno st?

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    Fresno St has alot of players in the NFL right now. David Carr who was the number 1 pick for the Texsans their first year. Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl with the Ravens. Richard Marshall almost won rookie of the year with the Panthers. Login Matkins was picked in the first round by New England. Bernard Berian in (who I think) the number one reciever in Chicago. Lorenzo O'Neil is one of the best fullbacks ever in the NFL and he's with the Chargers. I can go on and on but I'll leave you with that. Don't know much about San Jose ST.

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    Trent Dilfer QB SF and Logan Mankins OL NE went to Fresno State

    Jeff Garcia QB TB went to San Jose State

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    Psh, ya James Jones is a real star. He gonna be having nightmares about Peanuts for the next week!

    How bout my boy Bernard Berrian. Former Fresno Bulldog and lighting it up in the NFL.

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    Henry Ellard

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    well up until tonight James Jones wasn't doing bad. but he has a case of the drops.

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