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Questions About Panama!!!?

1. What is the capitol of Panama?

2. What is the traditional food of Panama?

3. What is Panama's traditional music?

4. What are some interesting facts about Panama?

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    1-the capitol of Panama is Panama.

    2-we have a lot of foods ,but the more traditional is the SANCOCHO DE one kind of soup with chiken and contain yuca,name,otoe,zapallo,maiz,etc.etc.etc

    3-the official music in Panama is the Tamborito,but we listen many derivations of acordeon music,with another instruments.but the official is the tamborito,....

    The typical dress of Panama is for the woman LA POLLERA..and for the men....EL MONTUNO.....La pollera is made by hand and have to and work..the pollera of work is simple and consist in two pieces one white and other red or blue with Little flowers the luxury consist in red or blue ribbons around the dress with ornaments in gold...many of them.....this particular pollera cost with ornaments and jewelry around 3000 until 10000 dollars, I have a cousin that made that polleras and rent that by day.....the dress of men is a black pant with white shirt and a hat ...sombrero pintado..hat could be all with or with rivets black.....

    our national flower is one orchid....LA FLOR DEL ESPIRITU SANTO...our national dance is EL TAMBORITO...

    PANAMA means in our culture, abundance of butterflies,abundance of fishes,abundance of our native tradition....

    we have three tribes of indians from Panama,,the kunas..they made MOLAS..tipical dress fro womans that is made by hand,,,they living in the san blas north east of panama...the at sur of the /darien zone..and the in the central nd west resgion of Panama..all of them have his own caracters....and costumes..also exist etnies groups in Panama that live in other places but ..there is more important and our culture...

    We have the canal of Panama for transit of ships,actually is in process to improve the capacity of tons,,to accept more bigerer ships,and make the process more efficiently...

    we have coast in both oceans,atlantic and pacific,you can visit both oceans in matter that less 1.5 hours...if you take the trip from panama city to colon.....nata of caballeros was one of the first populations in america.....all the gold that was stolen from southamerica pass for the route of Panama,before the buid the canal..from that time they were thinking in make something to take advantage of the stretch region..

    when the fever of gold of california start ,the gold was transported mostly from california passing for panama and then transported to new york and florida by ship...and also the secure route was taken a trip from east coast us passing for panama and then go until california.

    Panama belong to spain until 28 of november 1821..after a while Panama enjoy to colombia that in that time was called gran colombia...after many years of bad goverment and colombia don't take care about Panama,Panama got his independence from colombia in 1903 november 3.......until now....

    Panama have 9 states

    bocas del toro



    los santos






    and 2 comarcas for the indians....kuna yala..and knoble specials reservations for that special groups...

    The population in Panama is +3 millions persons....mosty speak spanish,and may be the 10 % have the capacity to speak in english...mostly concentrate in the capital,colon,and the old zone of canal region...

    Panama use the balboa like money,but the us currency is acepted and used like equal autorized by agreement between US goverment and panama more than 100 years a go...

    I hope.. that this information help......some people in this forum believe that if they pass a couple days in Panama,they know how is the system and know about it,but they don't know....

    best regards.......

    p.s I'm from Panama,I know my country.....if you need anything else..let me know...

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    When was it built How was it built How much did it cost Did anyone die during the building of it. How many ships pass through it in a day/week/month/year.

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    1. Panama City

    2. rice with chiken

    3. i dont know how to say this in English but in Spanish is "Tipico"

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    Einhander is better than wikpedia and Encyclopedia Brittanica put together,he said it ALL.

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    dont you think you should do your own homework?

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