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Is This Skateboard Good for a 16 year old?

I'm a Beginner im 16 and i really like this skateboard and dont want to spend more that $40 dollars!

it has ABEC 3 Bearings and it's a 7.75 width Deck it's from a old Skateboard Company called: "Vision Streetwear'' is it good for me!!

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    if your only going to spend $40 on a skateboard, don't even bother taking up skating. A cheap board limits you greatly and your just going to get frusturated in the long run and probably give up. A board like that will most likely have no pop at all. If you just want to skate to cruise around and not do tricks then I guess that board would be alright, but I would recommend getting better bearings. If you want a sufficient board for skating, your gonna need to spend at least $90; I know always has completes on sale for like $90. Skateboard decks that I recommend are almost, baker, element, enjoi, flip, girl, plan b.

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