X-men Phoenix/Dark Phoenix?

I'm a big x-men fan and I love phoenix but I still don't really understand her. Just how powerful is she? Whats the difference between phoenix and dark phoenix. And in the movie the phoenix is jean, just a different part of her mind. But in the comic books I'm pretty sure that the phoenix is another mutant that gets inside of jean. I just wanted to get that right. So pleaase correct me if I'm wrong.

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    Ok, there are a bunch of different alternate versions, from movies or different marvel comic universes and the cartoon, but this is the ORIGINAL rendition of what happened.

    The X-Men go into space after being asked for help by the Empress Lil'andra. Her brother D'Ken is a ruthless dictator bent on destroying Earth/Universe, something like that. The Xmen go into space, fight D'Ken's army on the moon (I think its the moon) and Jean dies to save her people.

    Jean's dead, the xmen go back to earth, and the core xmen leave and star in their own book 'X-Factor' (Cyclops, Angel, Iceman, Beast, maybe more). In some issue, Jean Grey returns from the bottom of the Hudson and is inhabited by the 'Phoenix Force'.

    The Phoenix force, we learn, is a universal creature with God level powers. Its not a mutant, it's technically a god-liek intangible creature that usually manifests itself in a flaming bird (or Phoenix) creature.

    Jean has these powers, she's back, etc. but slowly she starts to lose control of this creature that has 'rebirthed' her from the dead, and thus becomes the 'Dark-Phoenix' bent on destruction.

    The ending is hazy, but Jean's boy toy cyclops cant kill her, he reasons with Jean who's still inside the Phoenix somewhere, and I believe she kills herself.

    Then it goes into this whole 'clone of jean grey' returning and this weird soap opera story, but Jean eventually comes back to life, again, and is no longer inhabited by the Phoenix power, but I think it eventually does AGAIN and she's now dead in current continuity.

    There is a Phoenix in existence now, or a half-Phoenix so to speak. Rachel Sommers, the daughter from an alternate future where Cyclops and that said clone from before gave birth to her and she comes back to the current timeline. She's off in Space with Cyclops' brother Havoc fighting, oddly-enough, D'Ken (who's now dead, again) and Cyclops and Havoc mysterious THIRD brother. Thats a whole 'nother can of worms.

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    Phoenix Dark

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    I love X-men too but neverr got too into the comic books so i could be wrong. as far as i know The Phoenix is just an alias to jean grey. she calls herself this when Professor Xaviers mind barriers were broken, thus unlocking her full potential as a psychic. then later on, in the comic book, a mutant named mastermind alters her memory and makes her believe the Xmen are the enemy. that is when she becomes the dark phoenix. there is alot of background to the Xmen comics and if ur like me then u should check out the website wikipedia. just go there and time in Xmen and youll be very surprised at all the info ull get

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    the phoenix in a cosmic entity of unlimited power, unlimited meaning she can destroy the universe and recreate it afterwards, there is almost no limit to her powers.

    forget the movie, they completly butchered that 3rd movie if you are a comic book fan.

    in the comics the x-men were trying to reenter the earth in a space shuttle that was not in good shape. jean decided to try and pilot the ship using her telekintic powers to protect her from radiation. the ship crash landed in the sea and the other made it out ok, while trying to find jean, she comes out of the water and proclaims herself phoenix and then passes out. the x-men take her home and she is not almost of unlited power. after a while the hellfire club's mastermind used his illusion powers to make pheonix think she was one of them. and intoduced her to evil and darkness, and the she became "dark pheonix". now loving the newfound joy of evil she went into deep space and destroyed a whole solar system and all its inhabitants for fun. she returned to earth and was beaten by the x-men by killing her (although they would not have been able to do it if "jean" wasn't helping her somehow).

    afterwards the Fantastic four were exploring an unidietified cacoon in the ocean, they took it home opened it up and they found jean grey.

    it was revealed that while jean was piloting the ship in space, the phoenix enitity (a bird of fire)passed by and noticed jean and the situation, craving new sensations and new ways of life the pheonix used her powers and saved the x-men ship when it crash into the ocean. the phoenix then placed jean grey into a cacoon and replaced her until the x-men defeated her.

    since all this the phoenix force (which dies only to b reborn again and again) and jean grey have partially joined meaning jean still has some of the phoenix power and could one day return to being all powerful. but at the moment she is dead in comics until they feel she should be returned

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    Hi! If you are really a big fan of the X-Men I'm quite sure you have read the Essential X-Men trades where the Phoenix and Dark Phoenix stories are told. Here's a link to Wikipedia so you can read all the details regarding this story: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_Phoenix_Saga

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    Let's just say, she's so powerful she could destroy the world. Pheonix is good and Dark pheonix is shown in the movie and she is extreamly evil. No your wrong in both pheonix is a part of jean just told different ways.

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