what to know about Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc prior to rush?

prior to rush what information should be known about the sorority?

im in the process of memorizing:


former presidents

greek alphabet

the organizations history

honorary members

the last line of my schools chapter

key terms (such as the names for positions held ex. president)

Is there anything else that an intrest should know about the sorority with out digging too deep?

I am prepairing myself for rush and i am a very serious aspirant. i am attending events, meeting members, keeping my grades up, actively involved in 5 campus organizations, and completing community service. (i have no time to sleep but thats ok)

I am not sure if Alpha Kappa Alpha will be holding rush in 2008 due to the 100th year celebration. Regardless i am preparing myself therefore i will not be surprised when the time comes.

any advice that members would like to give me would be greatly appreciated.

thank you

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    You've research all the info that you need for an inspirant. Here's a little more info you could use for the interest meeting:

    What should be in an interest letter:

    1. The letter should be one page in length.

    2. It should tell us why, specifically, you believe that you should be offered membership.

    3. It should tell us what you have to offer the sorority.

    4. It should give us an explaination as to why you want to be a member of our sorority.

    5. You can leave out some of the more obvious things, like what school u attend.

    6. You should approach writing it like you are in an interview; think of some of the questions that would matter to the the interviewer (above mentioned points) and answer them in the letter.

    7. The letter should open you up to the Sorors reading it and it should give them a real feel for who you are.

    What to wear to the interest meeting:

    Dress like you are going to a job interview. Wear a suit (with a skirt) or dress. The best colors to wear are black, navy blue or grey.

    Have an official copy of your transcript also. Your school may require that you have one or two letters of recommendations. It could be from teachers, graduate or general member of the sorority (they must be financial, which means they've paid their dues for that year), employers, councelors, or your church pastor.

    If you go to the web site under prospective members, there are two links: Undergraduate Membership Interest Form and Evidence of Community Service Form. Download those forms and turn them in along with your interest letter and letters of recommendation (if they require them). I hope this helps.

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    What you are doing so far is great. It really shows initiative which is admirable. I would advise looking over the centennial website which has a lot of great information pertaining to the history of the organization. It is great to know the founders and the history of your school's chapter but extensive studying and research is not necessary after all, you have to have time to sleep! (You will be taught much of what you'll need to know and you will continue to learn through out your lifetime as a member of the sorority) I will say you should spend some time thinking about why you personally want to join Alpha Kappa Alpha. This question in itself can be a very difficult one to answer and express in words but you will have to do this prior to the official rush. Also, it is wonderful that you are so involved and active on campus. However, it is important not to lose sight of yourself to be apart of something else. The ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha are looking for what you can bring to the organization, not a generic copy of what you think you should be.

    I hope this helps and good luck to you.

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    I am not a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha but I would recommend searching the sorority's national website www.aka1908.com for more info about the sorority's history and other pertinent information.


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    Why would you even think of signing up for a sorority? haha

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