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Equalists/Masculists, which of these terms would you rather we call the feminists who are also hateful?

Equalists: which of these terms would you rather we call the anti-masculists who are also hateful?

- Misandrist

- Misandrist anti-masculist

- Misled anti-masculist

- Anti-masculist

- Anti-equalist

- Feminazi

- Female chauvinist

- Anti-man

- Sexist

- Anti-man sexist

- Pro-matriarchy

- Matriarchist

A quote from feminist writer Valerie Solanas, a woman admired by many feminists: “As humans have a prior right to existence over dogs by virtue of being more highly evolved and having a superior consciousness, so women have a prior right to existence over men.The elimination of any male is, therefore, a righteous and good act, an act highly beneficial to women as well as an act of mercy.”

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Curious: You are correct, Susan B. Anthony and other First-Wave suffragists were true feminists and equalists. I'm glad more and more women like you can recognize the differences between those feminist women, and the misandrists today that choose to take on the same title of "feminist".

It's a shame that great women like Susan B. Anthony are turning in their graves due to what feminism has become -- a hijacked movement now used as a man-hating venue filled with matriarchal ideology, pursuit of women's power and domination over men; an overall attack on boys, men, manhood, and fatherhood. The movement has also been hijacked by unattractive women, lesbian anti-heterosexuals, and women with Penis Envy -- all whom wish to use a movement that once stood for total gender-equality for their own self-serving interests.

Update 2:

Checkmate: LOL! I had no idea!

Update 3:

Deirdre: Yes, but Waswisgrl got her question idea from a man; Checkmate:;_ylt=AsPIy...

So thanks for admitting she flatters Checkmate.

To say that misandry is "rare" among feminists is a blatant lie. A politically-correct definition of a movement with disregard to corrupted elements that also influence that movement is simply "hot air". Find an objective definition of feminism, then get back to me. Until then -- dismissed.

Update 4:

Alex: No misandrist ever admits that they're a misandrist. So, the fact that you "never said" you were is irrelevant. Your misandrist rhetoric that you spew daily, and your venomous attacks on me for being a male (that stands up against misandry) implies that you are a misandrist.

Update 5:

John F: You should be embarrassed. Anyone that's an apologist that feels all men should have a guilt complex, and brownnoses feminists and bashes men to gain brownie-points is embarrassing. Some men are so desperate for sex and wanting women to "like" them, that they'll bash men to impress other misandrist women.

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    Sexist or feminazi. And yes, I am female, yes, I do believe that Susan B. Anthony and her cohorts/contempories had the right idea. No, I am not a feminist by today's definition.

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    I describe them in the way that I think it seems to fit them. If I'm talking about a woman hater I will say that or misogynist. If I am talking about an anti-feminist I will say that. If I am talking about a woman anti-feminist I will say that and I probably will say she is sad and confused because I have always seen that in them. I want to try to be as accurate as I can for saying anything about people ..

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    Keep it simple. Sexist or misandrist.

    Don't use any terms that have "feminist" in it or any variant thereof. If the woman in question is a man-hater, believes women are superior, and seeks the subjection of men, then she isn't really a feminist, so it would be unfair to the feminist movement to use a term that associates feminism with her.

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  • Wow I like how the feminists post all the verbal garbage in the world then act in ways to counter it even in this very question. Again no surprise there. I personally like 'feminazi' since they are going to have to be fascistic if they do to the world what they wish to do to it.

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    I know, I know! How about . . .


    Or . . .


    of . . .

    Few and far between?

    Edit: Cassius, I live in the real world, not a virtual one. I know many more women than you ever will, and have had more discussions about feminism than you will ever have. My knowledge and experience and are real. Yours comes from websites that aren't pro-anything. You quote other women-haters and expect people other than your basement-dwelling peers to take you seriously. You quote publications that quite frankly surprise me. Your sources are individuals who don't live happy family lives, who spend their days and nights in front of a monitor scouring the internet for stuff that supports their flaming hatred.

    I wish you a long, healthy and successful life in the sunlight. Neither you nor anyone else will ever see the death or disappearance of feminism. Sorry to disappoint you.

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    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I doubt there is a work for feminist's who are hateful because they are such a small minority.

    Stretchy pants, in cases you were not aware feminism means:

    Feminism is a diverse collection of social theories, political movements, and moral philosophies, largely motivated by or concerning the experiences of women, especially in terms of their social, political, and economic situation. As a social movement, feminism largely focuses on limiting or eradicating gender inequality and promoting women's rights, interests, and issues in society.

    Within academia, some feminists focus on documenting perceived gender inequalities which they claim oppress women and on changes in the social position and representation of women. Others argue that gender, and even sex, are social constructs, and research the construction of gender and sexuality, and develop alternate models for studying social relations.

    Source(s): Equal Learning
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    All of them work for me but I like matriarchist the best it seems to fit the goals of modern feminism the best.

    And if you'll note the answers by the feminists it only supports that they are many of the titles on the list.

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  • Johno
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    edit: LMFAO Laela(Layla) has hit the nail on the head with that one.

    edit: Is John F what is commonly known as a mangina?

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    Someone who truly feels men and women are equal would not resort to such name calling.

    Grow up.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Feminazi worked just fine. Or anti Man. Baba Yaga what are you on ? Rare ? Unusual ? With leading figures and galeons figures of feminists beeing anti man and openly displaying it ? I think not.

    Also give best answer to curious if you dont all your hair is going to fall out and your stomach is going to bloath.

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