if i was in the 16th century?

would i have wanted to be a jesuit? is so why?

or if i shouldnt why shouldnt i have been a jesuit?

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    The Jesuits are one of the largest religious orders in the Catholic Church. The Society of Jesus was founded in 1540 by St. Ignatius Loyola, a Basque nobleman and soldier.

    Jesuits generally live in a community of Jesuits, where there is a superior in charge. On occasion, a Jesuit may receive permission to live in a diocesan rectory, or by himself. Jesuits have to have been Catholics for at least three years, and aged over 35.

    Everything changed in the 16th Century, at about the time when the Jesuits were first formed. Spain was busy nicking huge quantities of gold from the New World and the market economy was beginning to take shape. With the Bible saying it was wrong to charge interest (and the Bible mattered to everyone in those days) Merchants and profiteers looked to the Jesuits for answers (ie: ways around this edict). The Jesuits found themselves in powerful advisory positions. However, their vow of Poverty Chastity and Obedience meant that they could not benefit financially or sexually from their position; but other comforts were common. Jesuits began to travel around the world - many went to the far east - to spread the Catholic Gospel (that is, turn the natives into Catholics).

    There were Jesuits and Jesuits. Some had political ideologies as strong as those held by the Taliban, and aggressively enforced the Catholic doctrine, which dominated all of Europe up until the rebellion of Henry VIII, King of England in 1536 (The Reformation). Others used the merchant adventurers to get them to the parts of the world that were not Catholic. This frequently got them killed.

    So, there's a rough overview of the job. Would you take it? Would you have preferred to be a less fundamental type of Christian leader (eg: parish priest) or would you have sought a secular existence, knowing that the Catholic Church practically ruled the roost in Europe and beyond? Only you can answer this.

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    If your avatar is true you are a woman. So you couldn't have been a Jesuit.

    And if you had been a Jesuit in Germany you would probably have had a rough time.

    As to why become one, that's a question of faith I suppose as the Jesuits didn't become powerful enough to affect politics until the 17th century.

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