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what is the best pat of HPLC technique? why is chosen over other techniques?

I have done HPLC experiment and getting ready to do my write up for the Lab.

I am a little confused on why this technique is chosen and also what I should put on the introduction part of my journal style lab report.

can some body help?

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    Gas chromatography is in many ways superior to HPLC, since it generally offers better resolutions, is more reliable in practice, and is less expensive. In particular, a typical 15-cm HPLC column offers around 20,000 theoretical plates, while a 30m GC column offers over 100,000 theoretical plates. A basic new GC system with a basic detector like an FID(flame ionization detector) or TCD(thermal conductivity detector) will often run under $10,000, while a new HPLC system with a variable wavelength detector often starts at $20,000. Plus, a GC is much more easily interfaced to a mass spectrometer than is an HPLC.

    Unfortunately, though, GC can't be used if the components to be separated aren't volatile. Plus, the elevated temperatures associated with GC can cause some larger molecules to break down in the column.

    So, when dealing with larger molecules, HPLC is often the preferred separation technique over GC out of necessity.

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