cheapest hotels in St. Charles IL?

i need to know the cheapest hotels are around the Saint Charles IL area

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Here are some hotels for you:

    Days Inn

    Address: 100 S. Tyler Road - St. Charles, IL 60174

    Phone: (630) 513-6500 or (800)-325-2525

    Web Site:

    Super 8

    Address: 1520 E. Main Street - St. Charles, IL 60174

    Phone: (630) 377-8388 or (800) 800-8000

    Web Site:


    Holiday Inn Express -

    1600 East Main Street, Saint Charles, IL 60174

    Sometimes they run some really good deals, worth checking into.

    I would also check out some of the travel sites, you can get some really good deals on rooms:

    If you do not have time to purchase one of the online rates, call the hotel directly!!! Never use the 800 number, the 800 cannot change the rates but, the hotel if it has room might drop the rates for that day. You always get the better deal by calling the place! I would also check out the Visitors Site for the city they sometimes run deals on hotel rooms. I hope this helps you good luck!

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    1 decade ago

    I live there, you can stay at my house ;)

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