DWI in TX, still now ALR or Court Hearing???

I received a DWI courtesy of Carrolton, TX about two months ago. I know i was dumb so please refrain from getting on the soap box. The paperwork the cop filled out says arrested in Denton County, but i was bailed in Dallas County and my court doc says Dallas. So i figure it's Dallas itll be filed in. My question is that Ive already filed for ALR hearing and still no answer. I keep going to court for the criminal part and theyve yet to even file it. My attorney says that it or even the bond have yet to show up on my record. I am not trying to fall through the cracks and have this forgotten, believe me Im not that lucky, I just want this to be over. I want to move on with my life. Im going to law school next year and i dont wanna deal with this, I want to start my probation and be free in 2010 :(. Anyone else out there who have had DWI in dallas or denton please respond, and anyone who is MADD or wants to lecture just save it, my dad is a 20yr AA counseler and alcoholic.

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    Well, I certainly haven't had the experience of getting a DWI in either county you list (or any others, for that matter), but I have been a Texas prosecutor in another county for a long time. I even used to have the horrible job of dealing with misdemeanor DWIs eight or ten years back. Unless things are very different in Dallas County than in my county, a couple of months (or three or four, even) is not at all an unusual amount of time to take to file a misdemeanor DWI case if the person is out on bond.

    If your case hasn't been filed yet, I'm not sure what you mean about you "keep going to court for the criminal part"--maybe some kind of regular check-in required by your bond conditions? Once the case gets filed, you will typically get a letter, probably from the clerk of the court, saying when your first court appearance date is, and it will probably be set a few weeks from the date of the letter.

    I again don't know how Dallas County deals with this, but in my county, if someone really is prepared to go ahead and plea, we will agree to file the case immediately and arrange a plea setting for them--there is no legal requirement that you wait for your case to be filed with all of the others. On the other hand, your lawyer may think that's not a good idea, because he wants to wait until he's had a chance to review the evidence against you--there could be some problem with it that might result in the filing of a lesser charge or even the dismissal of the charge (I'm not saying it's likely, just that it's possible, and that a good lawyer would not want to sacrifice that possibility without being sure it's the right thing to do in your case).

    As to ALR hearings, I'm afraid I know next to nothing about the procedures associated with them.

    Source(s): Ten years experience as a prosecutor
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    I had also asked the same question 2 times, and did not receive a good answer

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    thankyou everyone for the answers.

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