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Fantasy Football Guidance from people with knowledge?

QB: Steve McNair, Jeff Garcia, Matt Hasselbeck, David Garrard (Start 2)

RB: Brian Westbrook, Willie Parker, Ronnie Brown, Thomas Jones, Derrick Ward, Selvin Young (Start 3)

WR: Darrell Jackson, Terrell Owens, Jerrico Cotchery, Reggie Brown, Andre Davis (Start 3)

I need to get rid of one player. Who do you think is the least likely to have a good fantast impact this year? Im trying to also think of overall longevity type things (Garcia and TB has a really easy schedule around playoff time) If you have an opinion on any other players to get rid of and some possible waiver wire steals i would be much appreciative. Thanks

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    For Qb, I'd start Garcia and Hasselbeck

    For RB, I'd start Parker, Brown, and Thomas Jones. But, if Travis Henry is out, I'd think about Selvin Young over Thomas Jones.

    For WR, T.O, Cotchery, and Andre Davis. Brown's on a bye and Darrell Jackson has Trent Dilfer throwing him the ball.

    And yeah, I'd drop McNair. He's way too inconsistent and every week, he's always questionable.

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    McNair - Hasselbeck is straight up better than the rest on the list. Garcia is a solid performer on a team gaining momentum. Garrard is sort of like a younger version of Mcnair on an arguably better offensive team. Baltimore is dead passing offense.

    But to offer an alternate suggestion - I drafted and have dumped Reggie Brown (in week 3) - something stinks in Phi with this guy. Phi scores 56 points and this guy gets like 2 fantasy points?

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    QB= Hasselbeck and Garcia

    RB= Brown, parker, and Jones

    WR=TO, Gotchery, and Davis

    Get rid of McNair, the raven are struggling and i don't see McNair doing anything special. get rid of him and maybe pick up Earnest Graham or even Roddy White. How is your D/K? you have a very solid team.

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    I'd drop Darrell Jackson before McNair. Jackson is having a horrible season, and just lost his quarterback. You also have a better chance of picking up another useful receiver than another useful quarterback.

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    do you have a back up tight end or kicker?? if so you need to drop them.. if not then your commish should have made a bigger roster. i'd have to say qb

    mcnair is looking awful and may be benched in a few weeks if he keeps playing like he is now (plus he's been battling injuries)

    garcia is doing a little better, but he might struggle without caddilac

    i'd drop mcnair

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    get rid of steve mcnair, he's old, hurt and boller has been getting alot of playing time and not playing as bad as mcnair.

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