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Toyota Camry Brake lights do not work, even after replacing the bulbs and fuce?

I have a 1989 Toyota Camry and my brake lights do not work. I checked the fuses ( all of them! under hood and inside driver panel) also replaced all the bulbs with new. I still have no brake lights and the dash light indicator continuously shows a little car with the back light problem. What can I do? I would like to know if there is a stop switch attached to the brake pedal and if so how do I check it and/or replace if it is bad.

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    There's a brake light switch somewhere on your pedal assembly or hydraulic system.

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    Get under the steering wheel and push brake pedal down,you should see a switch button come down when the brake is is pushed down,if not there look for a switch on the master cylinder under the hood. Unplug the wires and check continuity between terminals when switch is activated

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    There is a brake switch on the back of the pedal I think and it may be out not sure how you would go about changing it as I am not to familiar with the Camry. My guess is a plug on the top part of the switch

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    Get under the steerage wheel and push brake pedal down,you may desire to work out a swap button come down whilst the brake is is pushed down,if no longer there seem for a activate the grasp cylinder under the hood. Unplug the wires and verify continuity between terminals whilst swap is activated

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    Check the wires connecting to the lights it may have a short in one of the wires or a disconnection

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    Check the rear harness for a proper ground.

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