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I wish to add an external hard drive as the internal drive is close to capacity.?

I don't want the external drive for backup but rather to free up space on the internal drive. I would like to move a photo program and the photos, a game program (very large), the printer program and possibly the "my documents" file as well as the internet cache. I saw an answer to a similar question but the answer was specific to "my documents" and, following the instructions, I found no "move" button to click. How hard would this process be? Thank you in advance for any assistance.

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    The printer program should remain on the main hard drive, do not attempt to move it to an external drive.

    Your internet "cache" is not a file per se that can be moved, it's a integral part of the Windows OS.

    The "My Documents" folder itself can not be moved either, it is a part of Windows OS too, but all the files in the folder can be moved and stored on an external drive.

    Games, photo's, documents, etc. can be moved to the external drive using the "move" command. But I suggest leaving the programs themselves on the main hard drive.

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    You may not be able to just move programs if you want to continue using them. Some programs will let you just simply drag and drop them, and they will still work, but some will not work after the drag. Also add/remove programs will not be able to delete it properly once the location is changed.

    All you would need to do is select all the files you want to move, right-click em, copy, and paste them in the new folder you want them in. It should be fairly simple.

    What do you mean by the "internet cache"? You can probably just delete that depending on what you are referring to.

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    > highlight; file, programs, etc.

    > r-clik highlighted file

    > copy

    > highlight other drive; E\, F\, G\, H\, etc.

    > paste

    if moving programs, its likely that you will have to run the installation again.

    this point is critical;

    when running the installation again, edit the address the install to the drive that you pasted the software to. By default, the address will be set to install to the "C\" drive. Change that to your external drive, and remove all of the folder names between the drive and the program name.

    I have all of my stuff on external drives and can connect my external drives to another computer and have all of my stuff with me.


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  • ortelt
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    i don't know approximately putting your laptop on an exterior confusingpersistent. I actual have an exterior confusingpersistent although that's to save my photographs and documents that are substantial to me and that i do no longer prefer to lose. I even have some courses I downloaded that i did no longer prefer to lose that are on there. that's my backup!

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    programs will need to be reinstalled on the new drive and new location ...

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