Axle seals on a heavy commercial truck rearend???HELP?

Has anyone ever replaced the axle tube seals on a heavy commercial truck? Mine is leaking,....I have bought a new set of seals,......I just need to know what is involved,any tips on the best way to do this,and also, to properly disconnect the air lines into the brakes without damage? (truck has air brakes) Thank You, Rob in PA.


The problem is not with the hub,or the hub seals,......mine is leaking from around the actual axle shaft. These seals are tapped into the end of the axle tube on each side,and ride on the axle shaft,.....the way a front or rear maon seal rides on the crank shaft in a passenger car engine. I know the axle shafts have to come out in order to do this job. I have just never done this before and thought I would ask for some pointers first. I didn't want to rip into it and find out that the brake system has to come apart,and not know the proper way to do it. Thanks For the help Rob in PA.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Oh take it to the shop big rig driver talking here. Thats your inner axle man.

  • 1 decade ago

    remove the eight nuts on each side to remove the axle if your truck hase the tapered cones that center the axle youll have to use a sledgehammer to smack the end of the axle to break it free sometimes you have to really smack it super hard a bunch of time i use an 18 pound sledge once its loose pull out the axle catch the oil replace the gasket behind the axle reinstall reverse of removal refill diff with oil

  • 1 decade ago

    Shouldn't have to mess with the brakes. Just undo the bolts on the center hub, remove cover, have something handy to catch excess oil, clean surfaces, set new gasket, replace cover and torque to specs.

  • 3 years ago

    you will possibly desire to purchase those seals from an business grant domicile. Take the previous seal with you on your nearest business areas company and that they are going to adventure the seal to one they have in inventory. in the event that they don't have one in inventory then they might order the seals for you. i purchase quite a few seals and bearings for autos that the automobile areas shops do no longer sale any extra. business providers carry quite a few automobile areas like seals bearings belts and gaskets and so on.

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