I am a Texas Residential landlord, tenant has pet and is not paying pet deposit: 3 day or 30 day Notice?

I have a Residential Hud Tenant whose security deposit was pro-rated and she has not paid AND she has a dog and has not paid a pet deposit. I want to serve her with an eviction notice: what form do I use.."Notice to Vacate" - 3 day notice or a 30 day notice? These items are a breach to the rental agreement.

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    You have to serve the 3 day and you can evict her at that point. Send copies to HUD so that she looses benefits and does not do this to anyone else.

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    could be somewhat confusing until eventually you have info they had a cat interior the 1st place. If pets weren't allowed, why did you enable them to have the cat? while did you detect out? prefer a touch extra info previously i might comprehend what to truly say. Hubby says - you will could first stumble on precisely the place the scent is. Then examine for any signs and indicators of a cat/urine. you ought to use an Oxy sparkling product or Kiltz as mandatory. He says you are able to cost for the further cleansing, yet you may not shop the whole deposit because of the fact you have not have been given any info of the cat being in there.

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    Do you want the vacant of the money? Give a 30 day and strike a deal for the payment. This lets you keep the tenant and then you can also collect the money.

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    If the pet is in violation of the written lease agreement use the 3 day notice to Quit.

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    You should try mrlandlord.com, this is a great tool for all of the Landlords! I am not from TX so I can't tell you either way, but thought I would share this website with you.

    Good luck, I just don't like the lying tenants!

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    3 day

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    30 day

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    A 30 day will make you seem less of an ogre and give them time to do something about it. 3 days barely gives any breathing room, especially coming at them suddenly.

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