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Where can I find out how to connect all the hoses on an engine?

I have the repair book you can buy from the auto parts store the haynes book but it doesn't explain things I bought an old car and I clean out everything and rebuilt it bow all I have to do is connect theese hoses they were never hooked up when I got it it's an old chevy 350 engine

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    Im glad I dont have to depend on the Haynes books as a technician. You will need to find a better quality service book. I use Motor/Alldata and I think you can purchase information from them on a single vehicle on line. Chilton and Mitchell are also OK. I imagine by now the label on the fan shroud is unreadable?

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    You can try to find one on jc whitney you might have to pay for it?

    Or you can find someone who does and try to get a look and a picture or try looking in a junk yard who knows?

    Where are the hoses missing from?

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    Are you asking about vacuum lines?

    What year of motor?

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