any good summer camps for girls in florida?


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    By any chance are you a Girl Scout? There are several great Girl Scout camps in FL! They have all price ranges and offer scholarships if money is a problem.

    Is there anything special the child likes to do? Such as surfing camp, scuba camp or something like that? They have several that have week long and more programs and yes they get to stay overnight there.

    Here are a few suggestions:

    If you are looking for a Christian Based camp look into Camp Dovewood. They offer everything from horseback riding to hiking and cheerleading. It is an all girl’s camp and you stay in cabins.

    You might also like Pine Tree Camps. They use the Lynn University campus for camp. They offer all kinds of programs and they have a great sleep over camp that runs Mon-Fri. You do everything here that you would at any other summer camp. Kids get to spend a lot of time outdoors.

    Circle F Dude Ranch Camp offers a ton of hands on outdoor actives for all ages. It has been around forever, which is good. They have tons of things for the kids to do. It really is a nice place. Again they offer all types of stays, and if you book early you get a discount which is nice.

    Camp Cherith is another Christian Camp; again they offer all the activities of any summer class. They are non denominational, so any religion is welcome.

    The YMCA has Camp Indian Springs. The YMCA always has top notch camps in all price ranges. They also offer scholarships. The counselors are trained in everything and well the YMCA just has camp down to an art! They offer everything!

    Camp Frontier is nice and they offer some really fun activities. This camp has been around for a long time, and well they have very good consolers and staff. They also have a wonderful safety record. They offer all kinds of stays.

    There is also another YMCA camp called Camp Mconnell. Been around since the early 60's. Again the YMCA does a wonderful job with their camps, and they really are the best and most the time the most affordable!

    Well I hope this helps you. Camp is always a great thing for a child to experience. Some of my best childhood memories are of those at camp! When choosing a camp be sure to ask questions. Learn what training the counselors go through; know how the staff is hired. Are background checks done? What are the facilities like, if you can go tour them? Contact the BB and see what the records are for that camp. I would also see if they give references and testimonials. Good Luck!

  • 6 years ago

    Camp Dovewood!

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