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Did you enjoy Jane Eyre?

What do you think about the novel? I'm reading it for school, just finished it. Curious to see what others have thought about it.

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    No, I did not enjoy Jane Eyre. I respect those who did, but here's what I disliked.

    1) The first ten chapters or so were Jane complaining about how awful her life is and how horrible here child was

    2)The next five chapters or so were Mr. Rochester telling Jane all about how she knows nothing of pain, because his childhood was awful.

    3)The pattern continues similarly

    The thing that really bothered me is that Mr. Rochester tries to marry Jane Eyre when he's already married. When the wife dies, she comes back and marries him. A) He lied to her. That's just unexcusable. B) He should have not asked Jane to marry him. People say, "They were in love though." He was married. And I don't care whether or not he married her under deception, on his own free will, completely drunk or at the point of poison-tipped knife. It DOES NOT MATTER. When you're married, you are not free to love others. That's the way it works.

    Had I been Jane Eyre once Rochester lied to me to that extent, he would not be an option for marriage. When I guy lies to that extent and attempts to marry you under that deep of a deception, he isn't to be trusted. I'm sorry.

    Finally, Rochester did not feel for his first wife, Bertha, or for Jane. Did he not get the picture that Bertha was NOT happy with him marrying Jane when he found out that she had destroyed the wedding dress.

    Rochester was so horribly selfish and unfeeling, but JANE MARRIES HIM ANYWAYS. Personally, I kind of liked St. John Rivers or whatever that missionary guy's name was, and I would have married him.

    Just my opinion, you're free to have yours, but you asked. :-)

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    I didn't enjoy it so much the first time, but when I returned to it a few years later, it proved pretty interesting.

    It was considered rather shocking at the time it was published; there was the idea that Rochester would willingly have committed bigamy with Jane, the fact that Jane herself was not a timorous damsel in distress waiting to be rescued(face it, she was a pretty strong heroine who had her own thoughts and ideas, and didn't hesitate to act on them), and the presence of the child who may or may not have been the illegitimate offspring of her employer.

    I guess the element of Jane leaving Edward Rochester's home following the interruption of their wedding and just coincidentally finding the home of her cousins was a bit of a stretch for me, but over all I'd rate it as a pretty good read.

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    No, I despised it. I had to read it for school about a month ago. There is absolutely no point until she gets to Thornfield and even then the story is boring.

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    I loved it. I have read it several times and each time it has been like a new book and I have gotten different things from it. It has been made into movies several times. The one w/George C. Scott is my favorite.

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    Yep!LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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