Time for a BOLD question, Christians...?

Do you believe a woman can be a pastor for a church?

I know many people use the adage "that was then, this is now" but that means the Bible is no value because of its age. Yet, we claim that the Bible is 100% authoritative and God inspired.

You can't have it both ways.

Can a woman lead spiritually over a congregation when she is not the spiritual leader in her own home? I am not talking Sunday school teacher, I am referring to pastor/reverend. Pastors have spiritual authority, yet, God placed the man in that position at the basic foundation of family. Does that mean the family structure is nonfunctional when it enters into the doors of the church?

Something to ponder. Curious on the different answers I will get, since it is a basic yes or no question.



be careful who you call a fool, my friend. If you believe I'm not a Christian, you better have a lot to back up.

Update 2:

I am talking of pastors, not prophetesses or evangelical speakers, I am referring to pastors, who are spiritual leaders.

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    God has ordained that only men are to serve in positions of spiritual teaching authority in the church. This is not because men are necessarily better teachers, or because women are inferior or less intelligent (which is not the case). It is simply the way God designed the church to function. Men are to set the example in spiritual leadership – in their lives and through their words. Women are to take a less authoritative role. Women are encouraged to teach other women (Titus 2:3-5). The Bible also does not restrict women from teaching children. The only activity women are restricted from is teaching or having spiritual authority over men. This logically would include women serving as pastors / preachers. This does not make women less important, by any means, but rather gives them a ministry focus more in agreement with how God has gifted them.

    Recommended Resource: Women and Men In Ministry: A Complementary Perspective by Robert Saucy & Judy TenElshof.

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    OK so you've asked more than one question let me try to break them down.

    1. Yes a woman can and many are ministers, they give Holy Communion in hospitals and probably hold mass in the Hospitals that have a small Chapel.

    Your statement about the Bible is not a question but the Bible is not considered to be 100% authoratative as you put it. The Bible is a guide and the history of the knowledge of God on Earth, how we came to know Him from the beginning.

    2. A woman or a man does not have to be a leader in the home as a home is generally a sharing of duties and play and life, ones beliefs are always why we do what we do, helping out a friend, accepting extra work to feed the family and so on. A spiritual leader as a minister or pastor are allowed to marry so they should be allowed to their married life apart from their social life as we all have.

    A Spiritual leader is not without faults, but is usually reverred for his/her ability to teach to understanding the word of God. To take a parable a passage and to invoke and remind the congregation of the message, it is a support system.

    Praying together while congregating is a good thing.

    3. Family structure can be nonfunctional at any level but no it does not mean that at all. If the family is nonfunctional chances are the congregation will not be pleased with this pastor female or male. It is probably not a church problem but a family problem.

    I really don't know what you mean by pastors have spiritual authority, what authority anyone can teach the works of Jesus, you just have to study and understand.

    Not quite the yes or no answer your looking for but you asked a lot of questions so yes women can teach can lead we can do all sorts of things.

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    Yes, I believe that women can be pastors, it's unusual thats for sure, but as you said things change, and woman was made from adams rib so doesn't that mean that she's been blessed by god or he would not have allowed it to happen, I personally, prefer a male priest, but thats just me, what I cant handle is a priest (catholic) drinking all the wine instead of passing it on for communion, he was drunk, then you are expected to go to church again, I'm sorry but thats unexceptable behaviour, what he does behind closed doors is nobodys business, but in the house of God you would think that he would show more respect, I havent been back to church since, but I'm a believer and I have lots of different bibles, passed on by different grandmas etc., I just read them all and hope to understand and carry out his wishes. You do know that some people are saying that God was a women, that I don't believe, and Mel Gibsons movie 'the passions of christ' or similar was horrific, we all know that he was tortured because the idiots of the time could not except that a being higher than themselves could be possible, more fool them, I pray to God most nights and days, especially for water, we are in the midst of a really bad drought, but I also thank him everytime that something goes right, whether it is him or not, I still thank him for his gifts to mankind, after the way we treated his son, I don't know if I would be so forgiving, I'd like to think so but, I really couldn't say honestly until it happened to me, I have never blamed him for taking my parents, but don't understand why my mum went first, when she sacrificed all for her children and my father couln't give a rats bottom, but as they say, only the good die young, and she was, I love her very much and miss her everyday, even though I'm adopted, she was also my best friend. I hope that helps you with your question, Goodluck in your search for serenity!!!

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    That's a doozy of a question. Our church held a discussion among the church leaders. It seems to be clear that there is a heirarchy ordained by God. Though I wish it came more from Jesus than Paul. But though again, all scripture is God-breathed, and all the same.

    So we should probably honor the order. And since men these days don't take spiritual leadership in the house, that's probably why the family is breaking down. It's there's a place to blame, I'd probably place more of the blame on husbands and fathers.

    But there can be extraordinary circumstances. If a woman is the only believer in a village, then she should teach. But when a man is ready, then he should teach. Just like Eunice teaching Apollos (I forget exactly who), until he was ready to teach and lead.

    By the way, that guy "Top" wrote similar response to my question about whether we can fool God. About 70% of his response looks like a copy and paste job. One more response like that from him, and he might be my first ignore victim. Three strikes and your out.

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    Absolutely a woman can preach/teach and be the spiritual leader of a congregation. But when she's @ home the man Is suppose to be the spiritual leader of the home,as he has to answer to Jesus Christ. If she refuses to be under her husbands leadership then she's not In the will of God. God will not bless her efforts In her ministry or as her role In the home.

    There are many accounts of women preaching In the Bible. The first person that Jesus spoke to after the ressurection was Mary Magdalene. Jesus told her to go tell His disciples and Peter to meet Him In Galilee. That made her the first preacher after the ressurection of Christ. He could have arranged to have had a man to deliver this,but He chose a woman.

    Now according to this scripture.

    Women are to be silent In church.

    When Paul was teaching /preaching the word of the Lord. Women were on one side and men on the other.

    Women would talk and ask their husbands what the man of God was talking about. Therefore this caused chaos. They were told to ask their husbands privately,because of how they were Interupting the service asking questions. This has nothing to do with a woman being a preacher/teacher.Tha Bible says that In the last days: I will pour My Spirit upon ALL flesh. Your sons & daughter's will prophecie.It doesn't get any more clear then that.

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    Yes, I believe. If there's a prophetess named Anna in the Bible, why can't there be a woman pastor too. If you're talking about the verse where it says a woman should be silent in church, you should look who was talking then, if it was commanded by God and not by Paul only. If God commanded it, so why did Paul said, " I do not permit..", instead of saying, "God commanded/permitted/ said...etc...??? Women then we're unlearned of the Bible, it's their culture, they even have separate seat from the men at the church...although there's still churches that does that, it's not relevant to ones salvation. God uses anyone He wants and He is not below His rules.

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    I think Judges chapter 4 gives the answer. God does call men to do his work, but sometimes those men refuse because of fear or some other reason. God's work still has to be performed, and so at times he chooses the person that will obey, even if that person is a woman.

    Deborah was a judge, which is about as close to the office of pastor as can be found in the old testament, and Sisera hid behind Jael's skirt, and she was the one that killed him, just as Deborah prophesied in verse 9.

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    Seriously man, there are so many aspects of the Bible that are no longer applicable - including family structure and the marginalized role of women.

    Do you think the earth is flat, that the sun revolves around the earth, that there is a hard dome over us, not a permeable gaseous sky (Genesis), do you go to an exorcist when you are sick to get rid of your demons (a first century assumption) instead of to a Dr. in order to get rid of the virus/bacteria, etc., etc., etc.

    You currently have a that was then this is now attitude toward the Bible. Everyone does. Unless you understand the words and assumptions behind the words in the same way the ancient minds did, then you can't criticize those who interpret scripture differently from you or those who interpret it in light of contemporary understandings of the world, society, and culture.

    Continuing to marginalize women is simply to make Christianity into shackles and chains for women rather than the liberating force it is supposed to be.

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    Paul is clear in his writings that women are to be quiet in church and submit to their husbands outside of church.

    Clearly, many Christians like me do not believe this is something we should follow literally in 2007. I belong to Lutheran church where there are two male pastors and one female pastor. All three are excellent, and bring different skills to the table, not only because they are different personalities, but also because of their gender.

    There was a time not long ago that women, for the survival human communities, had to commit themselves to being mothers and wives first, with little room for everything else. Times have changed (my wife is thankful!). Women are leaders in every area of our country.

    Why should women lead companies, run hospitals, and maybe even become president, but not be allowed to teach God's love and wisdom in church?

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    I'm no longer christian, but why not?

    This is from a female's perspective, and you could consider that biased, but why not? I mean, look at why priests don't marry. It was back in the day when a son would inherit the land from his father. That would mean that if a priest had a son, the land would belong to the son and not to the church. If the priests didn't marry and have children, the land would continue to belong to the church. It's just funny how things change because christians used to believe in reincarnation as well, but that's no longer part of the belief. Go figure.

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