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When do you think Howard will call the election?

People in the know think it will be within a week, that is by 13th October.

Better make sure you're enrolled as you can't enrol after he calls it.


Trouble is, Elizabeth, it's the undecided voters who determine the outcome....Not everyone pays attention to politics unfortunately.

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    Like he has done everything else in his prime ministership ... when it suits him best. History will judge John Winston Howard as the most manipulative, self-serving prime minister. Quite prepared to lay down the lives of our children in stupid wars to get re-elected. He runs the most child abusive government we have ever had. First is was the children overboard children and now he is taking a swipe at Aboriginal children. Disgusting little rodent he is IMO.

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    Well, the GG's back now, from wherever it was he went to do some important GG thing, so Johnny can pay his visit and get things rolling.

    He can opt for a date as late as Jan 16 or so, I believe ... pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease let's have a short campaign! Anyone who doesn't know now, probably won't in a few weeks time.

    Of course, he could also be waiting for the right 'wedge' issue to turn up. He'd like to leave his party with a vote winning legacy of divisiveness and fear to build their own decade on, I suspect.

    Cheers :-)

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    He will call it as soon as the polls swing his way. We might be waiting a long time if this is the case. He is trying to say that he is doing us a favour by not disrupting any of our sporting events. I think he is just Hissing us off big time. The Rugby (Sob sob) is now finished for us and the Bathurst 1000 in nearly finished today. My tip it will be 13th October.

    Imawunda, Can I ask? Are you feeling well yourself? Get off that substance, It is doing you Harm.

  • hopefully soon. I would say in November.

    I have voted for Howard in the past, couldn't stand Kim Beasley. This year Kevin has gotten my vote. I love the smear campaigns going on! He went to a strip club, whoopy do! Makes him more Australian in my eyes!

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    It can't be soon enough for me.

    Hopefully, it won't be a long campaign.

    I really loathe political advertising.

    We should all know who we want to vote for, before the election, without all the annoying political ads.

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    next year, hes a coward, he's too scared from rudd

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    When HE feels like it.

    Onya Johnny, I hope you kick ****, again!

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