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Glamorous politician wants law to allow 7-year itch ..what do you think ?

Bavaria's most glamorous politician -- a flame-haired motorcyclist who helped bring down state premier Edmund Stoiber -- has shocked the Catholic state in Germany by suggesting marriage should last just 7 years (article from Yahoo News site)


BT---- this is not my personal opinion..I just wanted to know how others may feel on the subject

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    Vows plainly say "Til death do us part". If a person cant truly do that then they shouldnt be getting married in the first place. The answer to the problem is to make it HARDER to get married and divorced, not easier.

    Right now, a person goes into marriage thinking "if it doesnt work I can always divorce him." If it were harder to do so, maybe people would think, "I am going to really consider this because there is no easy out."

    However, if they allow you to reverse your vows with no work...well people are going to marry just for the hell of it...just because they know that its done in a few years without any trouble if they no longer care for the person.

    Marriage is a life long commitment....not a seven year commitment!

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    This will help the courts with so many cases around to allow divorce. An unnecessary ordeal for the courts, which can do better work, otherwise, and pass other cases (more serious and more important), more swiftly.

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    I think there should be separation between bedroom and state. Period.

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    its longer than most marriages last these days anyway, so who cares

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    Germany has it's "love" parade...........

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