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stretchy cm?

hi i am not familiar with the characteristics of cm. today i got some stretchy jelly like cm. what does this mean? thanks


btw i am around my fertile time right now. i got my lh surge about 24 hours ago

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    fertile cm is very wet and slippery - its the discharge you have midway between your periods, and it only lasts 2 to 3 days. We all have a different interpretation of what it is like - to me, jelly-like would be too thick and sticky. Fertile CM, in my opinion, is more runny and slippery. It has to be very slippery, as it is supposed to aid for the sperm on its upward journey. If CM is sticky, it is hostile to the sperm, and they will get trapped and die before reaching the egg.

    If your LH surge was 24 hours ago, this should be your peak fertility time -- Good Luck!

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    It's the bodies way of making it easier for the sperm to make it to the egg. You are VERY close to ovulating. If you are trying to get pregnant...have some fun tonight!

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    That's egg white cevrical mucus and it means you should have sex if you want to get pregnant!

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