Choosing SDSU over a UC college?

I'm turning 18 now and am going to graduate my highschool year at the top 10% of my class. And I have been given the opportunity to attend a UC school. I want to major in Nursing and that closest UC school, UCSD, doesnt offer the major. The closest one is in UC Irvine or UCLA both of which are 1.5 to 2 hours away. However, my mom refuses to let me leave. She adamantly refuses to even consider it. Instead she wants me to go to SDSU (state college). I've been told that would be a waste... what should I do?


If she let me go to UCLA I promised her that I would come home every weekend, as most of my friends do now, since that's the only thing she's worried about. She's afraid that she won't see me anymore.

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    Let me tell you that as a college student SDSU would be a big step down from the UC's. Irvine or UCLA are both great schools and your mom should be very proud of you for getting into them. If she is worried about not seeing you, I have plenty of friends who travel more than that distance every weekend so it should not be a problem (as long as your willing to pay the gas). In the end the degree that you will get from either of those two schools will allow you the flexibility to pick where you want to work in the future so you could just work near her once school is out as well.

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    WOW, Nice to see that you have the support of your mom!! (sarcasm) Your mom is being selfish. She isn't doing what is best for her daughter but what is best and most covienient for her. Either she wants you at home to take car of siblings, chores, and the like, or she just wants to control you. I know that this is hard to hear but it is totally true.

    I think you should find a school, anywhere in the state where you want to live and take out a school loan, maybe work a little. This is your life, your 18, and it's time to grow up fast. Not that YOU are immature but because your mom is giving you no choice.

    What's next? Don't take that job, it's too far away? Don't buy that house, it's too far away? At some point you need to break away. And if your mom is choosing a lesser school for you for you...for HER convienience, that's pretty poor on her part.

    Even if you go to a UC the cost is so minor, you could finance the whole thing. Then after you are out, graduted, and making the big bucks, then you can start paying it back. I borrowed $30,000 and got a Master's and Teaching Credential. The payments were only $343 per month. But I was making a lot of money, so the $343 was nothing. Oh sure, I didn't drive the fanciest car, but I did have a great life and now I do have a great car, three to be exact, and a motorhome. So, even if you have to finance this, you'll still make out fine.

    Good luck but get out of there.

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    How can Your mother put a distance on your education? Look, you are 18 and you are capable of making your own decisions now. If you need to be with your mother, (i.e. your mother has a serious medical condition) then it would be your choice, and your liability. You could go to San Diego State and transfer to a UC in your later 2 years. However, UCLA is one of the top universities in California, and the one of the top 50 in the WORLD. If you can get in now, then GET In!

    UC is mostly Research type learning, and State colleges give you a hand on experience. Many UC graduates have moved to internships and have more success later in their carreer. Head nurse at a Hospital Branch (UC college) with free healthcare and benefits (for early retirement) or a Nurse at some Clinic pulling off steady work hours, without any benefits and lower pay. Which would you choose? And who knows, maybe you go to college and decide nursing isn't for you, Then what happens? Which College has a variety of different majors you can switch to? Maybe you've considered to work a Double Major? Nursing and Business perhaps? Which college can offer that? Just relate and check between UCs and CSUs, Their pros and Cons. Pick UC though, its a much better university altogether (students, teachers, facilities)..

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