Can you create an art portfolio on your own and submit to colleges?

At school the teacher helps us create an art portfolio. But I work my best when I'm at home by myself. Occasionally I'll get advice from my teacher and all, but do you have to create a portfolio just at school? Can you create one on your own at your house?

Who do I send my artwork to when I have completed a portfolio?

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    You can do whatever the *** you want. Just do it! As Nike would say :)

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    You're free to do your own work in whatever method works best (artist are cool like that). Once you complete your portfolio, you'll want to be sure to check how each university takes submissions. Some prefer to set up personal meetings while others simply want either a digital (photos of work) submitted on a disc or to have your portfolio submitted for return at a determined date. Be sure that if you're sending your portfolio somewhere that you'll get it back in a timely manner.

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    Sure, you can do that BUT make sure your portfolio adheres to each college's admission requirements. Each one is specific and can be quite picky.

    In addition, your best bet is to go to a National Portfolio Day.

    They are held all over the country. Reps from all different art schools go to this and take the time to look at your portfolio and give you feedback. It's a great experience. You'll learn what each school is looking for and they can give you great advice on brushing up your portfolios for the application.

    Good luck.

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    Of course you can! In fact, if you want to make any sort of career out of being an artist, compling work into a portfolio is going to be neccessary, not just to submit to colleges, but to apply for grants and competitions. Follow each institutions general guidlines and get some ideas from your teacher, but remember to be creative! You want your work to stand out from the crowd. Good luck!

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