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I just got my Zoloft and Klonopin; can I take these two together?

Another question concerning Klonopin: My therapist wants me to take a 1/2-2 pills at night for sleep; the Klonopin. Does this mean that I take a 1/2 Kolnopin pill for the next two nights? Has anyone ever took this medicine? Is this right?

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    What are you taking the klonopin for: seizures, anxiety, or as a sleep aid.

    If just as a sleep aid, that is unjustified, if for seizures usuall it is a poor choice.

    The drug, like all chemical cousins of diazepam, causes short term memory loss, making it hard to learn new things.

    Zoloft is an antidepressant and the vast majority of people prescribed drugs like this do not need them. What they need is a happier life, or reason for a happier life. The overprescribing of Zoloft and the like is from intense marketing.

    See the website: drugs@fda

    you can look up any brand name drug you like, most of the generics do not have package insert information however.

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    Yes you can take them together. From what you are telling me the therapist wants you to take a half tablet up to 2 tablets at night for sleep. However, it is best to recheck that with the pharmacy or the original physician prescribing the med. Sometimes when you first start a med doctor gives a little leeway on the dosage so you can get enough to help you sleep but not too much. Again, check with the pharmacist or doctor. You don't want to take too much.

    Source(s): I am a nurse.
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    its probably from the zoloft, up the dose, you may still be adjusting to it K and Z go well together, try taking the K on bad days only, carry a tablet with you just in case

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    Well, I am surprised your doctor didn't tell you what take and when. If you can't get hold of your doctor ask your pharmacist about what to mix and dosage.

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    Yes you can take them together. I don't understand the other part though.

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    sure i am taking them together right now.

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