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Mississippi State University or Boise State University?

MS in Electrical Engineering.

Which would be best? Both have my area of interest!

Please if you can compare them in terms of life style, a good place to raise a family, safe place, no racism, and just the schools in general (reputation).

Which one would you suggest?

I will appreciate any info.

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    Boise has a better football team and an awesome blue field. located in the biggest town in Idaho, which is still pretty small. all races live in the Boise area, and pretty much get along with one another. No big problems since the Indian uprisings in the 1800's. Does get a little bit cool in the winter, but then you can learn to ski

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    When a team doesn't schedule Boise it's not because they fear them. Everyone wants to pretend like every top school should schedule all the other division champions in the non-conference games. And for what? Nothing. It would do nothing to help them get into a bowl game. Any SEC team can get into the national championship by winning every game they already have scheduled. Why would they go out of their way to help Boise out? that's all it does is help Boise. Boise HAS to play champions because their conference sucks and doesn't mean anything when they win. The SEC, Pac 10, Big 10, Big 12 don't have to play outside their divisions to get into a bowl. And BTW, Alabama played a ranked Penn State this year and a ranked Virginia the year prior opening weekend, and a ranked Clemson the year prior opening weekend.

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    You couldn't pick two more extreme areas. One is hot and humid, the other has to be a bit chilly at times. Some people may say racism exists in both areas, although in reality it is everywhere. One is in the deep south, the other in the northwest. You have to make the ultimate decision. Which area do you think you would be most comfortable with. Good Luck! I've never been to either school, or parts of the country, but I'd give Boise a try myself. Just my own opinion.

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    Mississippi State University

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