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Now that Marion Jones has admitted to using steriods, should the IOC strip her of her Olympic medals?

Almost 90% of those polled on ESPN, said yes, but I am not so sure. So if we take away her gold, do we give it to silver medal winner? And how do we know that person wasn't also on steroids at the time?

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    I don't think there is an alternative. But, more important than any medal, is the way Jones has taken full responsibility for her actions-- unlike many sport professionals. That is to her credit and she should be admired for that.

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    i would be interior maximum folk in this one. Why? If she gets to maintain her medals, then the subsequent Olympian would do in basic terms the comparable component... be a steroid person, win an Olympic medal, deny use for some years, then finally end up admitting to it. If stripped of her medals, optimistically others would be discouraged to maintain on with journey. sure, the silver medalist ought to get the gold medal. this is undesirable sufficient that she did not get the attractiveness that she deserved at that 2nd. i'm optimistic whoever she is, she grew to become into cheated of a great 2nd in her existence. If something, the IOC ought to have a definite ceremony for the silver medalists to receive their gold.

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    Only if they strip Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa and Mark McGuire of their place in history....use is use no matter what. If you "juiced" then YOU didn't actually earn a place in sports history.

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    Well sure.... Its happened to others why shouldnt it happen to her... Grant M in Pennsylvania

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