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how much would a 1916 ww1 smle .303 lee enfield rifle be worth?

I don't know a better section to ask in.

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    The rifle you describe was known in official British military terminology as the Rifle Number 1, Mark III. The metal buttstock where you found the date of manufacture should also be stamped with the manufacturer's name, and the letters Sht. L. E. This stood for Short, Magazine, Lee Enfield. These initials were often shortened to SMLE, and given the creativity of soldiers the rifle was often referred to as the SMILEY or SMELLY depending on how your day was going. The crown you refer to is monarch's cipher, and would have stood for King George V, the reigning monarch during World War I. The Lee Enfield rifle, like many British firearms began as a foreign design. James Lee was a Scottish emigrant to the United States. He developed a number of firearms, the earliest during the Civil War, and by the 1870's had a successful bolt action rifle that was tested in troop trials by the U. S. He also developed the concept of the detachable box magazine that is now used on all military rifles world wide. These all came together in the rifle he designed for the British army which was initially adopted in 1892. The rifle went through a number of changes primarily driven by the bitter experience of the Boer War till it became the Mark III. This was the main battle rifle of the British Army during World War I. After World War I the rifle was changed to speed manufacture, but it was still the Lee Enfield design, and continued in British service till about 1955 when replaced by the FN FAL rifle. The Lee Enfield rifle has one of the smoothest bolt actions ever designed. The 10 round magazine capacity was double that of any other country that fought in World War I. When the German Army first confronted the British Army in northern France in August 1914 they thought they were armed with machine guns because of the rapid accurate fire soldiers were able to deliver with their SMLE's.

    They seem to be going for between 350 and 600 depending on condition and serial number.

    Source(s): 91 Bravo US Army DAV
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    Lee Enfield Rifle Ww1

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    Ww1 Lee Enfield

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    Well, the US Government gives Americans who apply for it a reconditioned M1 Grand for the filing and shipping fee of $200. I'm sure that if you found a collector, they would give you a lot more bt just how much more I don't know. If it's in good condition, I'd be willing to offer up to a few hundred after viewing of it. Let's face it, they were made by the thousands. I own a 1937 German Luger taken from a German pilot in WW II and it's worth about $500 or more sense it has all matching serial numbers and the German makers mark.

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  • £175 - £225 which is approximately $375. - $459

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    pass to GUNSAMERICA and Gunbroker.Com to take a glance at assessment expenditures. they are going to variety in value from twenty 5 dollars for a areas gun as much as the 5 to 9 hundred dollar variety in super shape.

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