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cameras/artists in courtrooms?

When there is a trial, I see on the news paintings of people in the courtroom, but never photos or videos.

When someone attacks or yells at someone else in a courtroom, I see a video on the news.

Why don't they show photos or videos of courtroom trials that no one was yelling or fighting? Always only paintings?

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    Generally, photos and videos are not allowed into the courtroom because they are too disruptive to the trial itself, as the photographers try to position themselves and their equipment for the best shot.

    This is to protect the constitutional rights of the defendant.

    In contrast, an artist sits quietly and sketches.

    Also, an artist is cheaper than a film crew.

    So, there is not always photo or video footage for you to see.

    But if you want to see trials where there is no yelling or fighting, spend a day at the courthouse, where trials are open to the public.

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    It's up the discretion of the Judge. It's the Judge's courtroom, how he conducts it, according to his State's laws, is his/her business.

    Of note, about the only time outbursts occur in courtrooms is when everyone is aware that the proceedings are being filmed. Folks act out on purpose. It's the main reason, lots of judges don't want anything to do with video cams or cameras of any kind in their court proceedings. It's actually asking for trouble.

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    It's up to the individual judge or administrative judge, and in some cases the state,whether they will allow cameras in the courtroom. The videos you see where there are attacks or yelling are from the ones where cameras are allowed.

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    The courtroom is supposed to be a "court of record", but (evidently) they want to control the record.

    Any and all photography and filming should be permitted so long as it does not disrupt the court or prejudice the jury.

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    It depends on the court and the case. Some court rooms allow cameras, usually lower level courts. And some cases the Judge does not want cameras in the court as it will be a distraction.

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    It depends on the court jursidiction and nature of the case whether cameras (still or moving) are allowed in the court room. If they are not, you get the paintings.

    The reason the media doesn't put out pics where everything is quiet and orderly is because no one watching the news would be interested. Sex and violence sell.

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    When cameras arent allowed, thats when you see drawings.........

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