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Do You Think The Radical Islamist Terrorists Could Have Nuclear Weapons By Tomorrow , Next Week , Next Month ?


Pakistan is holding their elections tomorrow . No telling who'll win , and no telling IF they'll even allow Musharef to be the president even if he does win . And even IF they were to allow Musharef to be president , and even IF he were allowed to stay in power legally , and even IF they don't kill him or throw him out of office , there's no guarantees that it will last .

How do you like that ? More IF's against us than for us that Radicals will have WORKING NUCLEAR MISSILES TOMORROW, NEXT WEEK , OR NEXT MONTH !!

Here's a link . Read it please and then tell me. . .. . .. . . . HOW SAFE DO YOU FEEL NOW ??

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    Islamists have the bomb. Lock the borders, ban free speech, give up your privacy and get rid of Habius Corpus.

    Fear is a powerful thing.

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    I tried to post a question, about this subject, but with a different slant on it, about 2 1/2 months ago ( before my 2nd suspension) , but the question was VERY QUICKLY deleted, and I received a violation notice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The terrorists are : 1. NOT Stupid, 2. Very well funded, 3. Supported by Several Country's leaders, through out the world, including countries that have proved their possession of nuclear weapons , 4. JUST BIDING THEIR TIME !!! 5. Probably have SOME hidden out, or immediately available, NOW !!!


    Will this answer result in my next suspension ??

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    What does Pakistan elections have to do with radical Islamic terrorists? One of the people running for election has said she'll call up the US for support in attacking the Tora Bora region of Afghanistan / Pakistan. How does that work against us?

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    They will have them if there is demand for it someone will supply them with the weapons.

    Iran would gladly give a nuke or two and have pausible deniablity about it.

    They have already the liberals sucker into believe they are good guys and Bush is the bad guy.

    So what if Israel gets nuke or a nuke is denoated in the US must be Bush's fault for not doing enough.

    That is why I am packing a 60 day survial kit and boning up on my nuclear survial skills.

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    I think within a year the terrorists through a state that sponsors terrorism (Syria, North Korea, Iran, etc) will have access to a nuclear weapon in some form.

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    You really think the elections in a dictatorship are going to allow the opposition to come into power?

    And didn't you claim that we were going to be attacked this summer?

    Your paranoid predictions seem to have a history of not panning out.

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    There were thousands of nuclear devices throughout the former Soviet bloc, and it's conceivable that they already have one or more.

    I'm also not convinced that we know the actual extent or agenda of AQ Khan's network. The Pakistanis still haven't allowed us to question him. Funny how Bush still refers to them as our allies, isn't it?

    Source(s): Read Tom Clancy's "Sum of All Fears" if you haven't already (I'm not talking about the radically-altered film version).
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    Pakistan is our ally in Bush's Global War On Terrorism™

    Bush has given them billions in foreign aid, so don't go talking bad about them.

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    Are you in agreement with Obama then that we should be invading Pakistan, too?

    It is a dangerous world, no doubt, but I doubt the payload and capacity of their program should be of over reaching concern to America's sovereignty.

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    Yes they can...and people bash Bush for fighting terrorism. Terrorism is in Iraq, too!

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