Type words using just home row on a qwerty keyboard ?

I've heard that 'secretary' is the longest word you can type on a conventional keyboard using just one hand.

What are some examples of words you can type without taking your fingers off the 'home row' ?

Obviously they would have to have the letter "A" as the vowel, since that's the only vowel on the home row.

What's the longest common name you can type with one hand ? My name is 'Steve,' and that's an example.

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    There's a web site you might find helpful for some of these sorts of questions -- it's called morewords.com

    The site lists 195 such words, it you know how to look them up. This is a pretty complete list (unless you also want proper names, which can be spelled any which way, so that's a whole nother kettle of fish.)

    Here's how it works

    1) Go to the home page


    2) In the search box, type the line below this (and press enter):

    * ^zxcvbnmqwertyuiop

    (That says, ALL word NOT having zxcv, etc. In included all the letters NOT in the home row to find what you're after.)

    The page returned to you should list the following:

    aah, aa, aahs, aal, aals, aas, ad, add, adds, ads, aff, ag, aga, agas, agha, aghas, ah, aha, al, ala, alas, alaska, alaskas, alfa, alfalfa, alfalfas, alfas, alga, algal, algas, all, alls, als, as, ash, ashfall, ashfalls, ask, asks, ***, dad, dada, dadas, dads, daff, daffs, dag, dagga, daggas, dags, dah, dahl, dahls, dahs, dak, daks, dal, dals, dash, dhak, dhaks, dhal, dhals, fa, fad, fads, fag, fags, fall, fallal, fallals, falls, fas, fash, flag, flags, flak, flash, flask, flasks, gad, gads, gaff, gaffs, gag, gaga, gags, gal, gala, galah, galahs, galas, gall, galls, gals, gas, gash, glad, glads, glass, ha, haaf, haafs, had, hadal, hadj, hag, haggada, haggadah, haggadahs, haggadas, hags, hah, haha, hahas, hahs, haj, hajj, halakah, halakahs, halakha, halakhas, halala, halalah, halalahs, halalas, half, hall, hallah, hallahs, halls, has, hash, jag, jagg, jaggs, jags, ka, kaas, kaf, kafs, kaka, kakas, kas, kasha, kashas, khaf, khafs, la, lad, lads, lag, lags, lakh, lakhs, lall, lalls, las, lash, lass, sad, sag, saga, sagas, sags, sal, salad, salads, salal, salals, sall, sals, salsa, salsas, sash, sass, sh, sha, shad, shads, shag, shags, shah, shahs, shall, shh, ska, skag, skags, skald, skalds, skas, slag, slags, slash


    For common names typed with one-hand. Let's just look for those with five or more letters in the top 300, (in the 1990 U.S. Census -- see links below) or in nicknames for those names:

    For boys' names:

    7 - Phillip

    6 - Edward, Johnny, Philip

    5 - Brett, Jimmy, Jullio, Steve, Bobby

    (And there aren't even that many with four!)


    girls' names:

    6 - Teresa

    5 - Debra, Holly, Molly, Polly, Lilly


    You won't do much better with surnames -- longest common one I found is Edwards (7)

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    Home Row Keyboard

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    Keyboard Home Row

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    I believe the layout descended from type writers and they are indeed grouped so the most common keys are easily reached. If you look on you keyboard, you should see a little bump in the 'J' and 'F' key. These are the two points where the most commonly used letter are grouped around. Hope this answers you question. Matt

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    flasks for homerow. I personally can type anything one handed - take this whole post for example - since I just used one finger for everything. HA!

    ps. - typewriter is longest top row

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    (not bothering with the obvious plurals, this is what I came up with...)


















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    you've got a lot of time on you hands............loser.

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