Moonlight and manila bay by fernando maramag?

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I NEED need a copy today! whosoever gives me a copy would definately get 10 points!!! its a matter of life and death! thnks
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Moonlight on Manila Bay
Fernando M. Maramag

A light serene, ethereal glory rests
Its beams effulgent on each cresting wave;
The silver touches of the moonlight wave
The deep bare bosom that the breeze molests;
While lingering whispers deepen as the wavy crests
Roll with weird rhythm, now gay, now gently grave;
And floods of lambent light appear the sea to pave-
All cast a spell that heeds not time’s behests.
Not always such the scene: the din of fight
Has swelled the murmur of the peaceful air;
Here East and West have oft displayed their might;
Dark battle clouds have dimmed this scene so fair;
Here bold Olympia, one historic night,
Presaging freedom, claimed a people’s care.

(Published in 1912)


now, give me my 10 points. hehehehe

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5 out of 5
thank you sooo much!!!!
this means a lot!!!
the other answerers also have good answers.... thank you guys!!
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  • nena aka NENA answered 7 years ago
    rodelette gets the 10 pts. but nena will tell you what the sonnet is all about (if you want to impress your teacher) ---

    Fernando Maramag's Moonlight on Manila Bay describes the Philippines ('the scene so fair') as a picturesque country before the intrusion of America ("bold Olympia').
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  • small monkey answered 7 years ago
    The poem is "Moonlight on Manila Bay", but if you'e unlucky, it is still copyrighted. The author died 1936 but I don't know if the copyright expired.

    You might find the poem in the book of Leopoldo Yabes "Filipino Essays in English 1910-1954"


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