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Does anyone know if any celebrities live in in Wisconsin, or any that will be at any events in Wisconsin?

Does anyone know if any celebrities live in in Wisconsin, or any that will be at any events in Wisconsin?

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    I don't know of any celebrities there but here are some past and present shows set in wisconsin:

    Happy Days (set in suburban Milwaukee)

    Laverne & Shirley (set in Milwaukee)

    Step by Step (set in Port Washington)

    A Whole New Ballgame (set in Milwaukee)

    The George Wendt Show (set in Madison)

    Aliens in America (set in Chippewa Falls)

    Here are some famous people born there: (IDK where they live now though)

    Jim Abrahams, director

    Marc Alaimo, actor

    Don Ameche, actor

    Mark Borchardt, director

    Ellen Corby, actress

    Willem Dafoe, actor

    Chris Farley, actor

    Heather Graham, actress

    Harry Houdini, or Ehrich Weiss, magician

    Tom Hulce, actor

    Carole Landis, actor

    Orson WellesJoseph Losey, director

    Liz Lerman, dancer, Macarthur Fellow

    Alfred Lunt, actor

    Fredric March, actor

    John Matuszak, actor and football player

    Pat O'Brien, actor

    Nicholas Ray, director

    Gena Rowlands, actor

    Mark Ruffalo, actor

    Richard Schickel, critic

    Marisela Sell, actress

    Eric Szmanda, actor

    Spencer Tracy, actor

    Judy Tyler, actress

    Bob Uecker, actor and sports commentator

    Hanz Wasserburger, screenwriter

    Peter Weller, actor

    Orson Welles, director

    Shannon Whirry, actress

    Gene Wilder, actor

    David Zucker, director

    Jerry Zucker, director

    Lamont Bentley, actor

    Ellen Corby, actress

    Tyne Daly, actress

    John Fiedler, actor, voice of Piglet

    Deidre Hall, actress

    Gregory Itzin, actor, best known for his role of President Charles Logan on 24

    Jane Kaczmarek, actress

    Dustin Diamond, actor, comedian

    Kathy Kinney, actress

    Allen Ludden, game show host

    Chris Noth, actor

    Amy Pietz, actor

    Charlotte Rae, actress

    Tony Shalhoub, actor (Green Bay)

    Tom Snyder, talkshow host

    Melinda Stolp, The Real World: Austin cast member

    Eric Szmanda, actor

    Greta Van Susteren, commentator (Appleton)

    Bradley Whitford, actor

    Tom Wopat, actor

    Ken Behring, former Seattle Seahawks owner

    Michael Bennett, football player

    Gene Brabender, baseball player

    Tyrone Braxton, football player

    Caron Butler, basketball player

    Jay DeMerit, soccer player

    Travis Diener, basketball player

    Jim Fitzgerald, basketball team owner

    Stan Fox, Indycar driver

    Reece Gaines, basketball player

    Dylan Gilbertson, Golfer

    Nick Greisen, football player

    Mark Grudzielanek, baseball player

    Tim Gullikson, tennis player

    Tom Gullikson,tennis player

    Devin Harris, basketball player

    Beth Heiden, speedskater and cyclist

    Eric Heiden, athlete

    Phil Hellmuth, professional poker player

    Arnie Herber, football player

    Elroy Hirsch, athlete

    Dan Jansen, speedskater

    Whip Jones, founder Aspen Highlands Skiing

    Bill Kazmaier, powerlifter

    Ken Kennedy, professional wrestler (Two Rivers)

    Matt Kenseth, NASCAR driver

    Todd Kluever, NASCAR driver

    Dave Kreig, football player

    Tony Kubek, baseball player

    Harvey Kuenn, baseball player and manager

    Alan Kulwicki, NASCAR driver

    Travis Kvapil, NASCAR driver

    Curly Lambeau, football player and coach

    Little Bastard, midget professional wrestler (Oshkosh)

    John Matuszak, football player

    Paul Menard, NASCAR driver

    Candice Michelle, professional wrestler (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

    Damian Miller, baseball player

    Andy North professional golfer

    Jim Otto, football player

    Andy Pafko, baseball player

    Danica Patrick, Indycar driver

    George Poage, athlete

    Casey Rabach, football player

    Brad Radke, baseball player

    Andrew Rock, track

    Tony Romo, football player

    Pants Rowland, baseball manager

    Terry Ryan, baseball manager

    Jay Sauter, NASCAR Driver

    Jim Sauter, Former NASCAR Driver

    Johnny Sauter, NASCAR Driver

    Tim Sauter, NASCAR Driver

    Bud Selig, baseball commissioner

    Latrell Sprewell, basketball player

    Aaron Stecker, football player(Ashwaubenon)

    Steve Stricker, golfer

    Mark Tauscher, football player

    Bob Uecker, actor and sports commentator

    Nick Van Exel, basketball player

    Jarrod Washburn, baseball player

    Mike Webster, football player

    Bob Wickman, baseball player

    Hope this helps!!

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    Famous People In Wisconsin

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    I went to school in Milwaukee [one year, private boarding type] and then married someone from Wisconsin and went to live in a small papermill town for a while before going to UW on the GI Bill. Loved everything about both experiences - fall, winter, spring gorgeous, summer mostly humidity but brilliant bright green everywhere. Picking berries out in the woods, eating home-made sausage, going to country taverns for Friday night fish fry and 10-cent beer plus polka band music. Fireflies along the roadside in the summertime. What's not to love? Still have contacts there [two brothers in law and a sloo of nieces/nephews, etc.] and wish I could go back for a real long visit.

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    the jerk Dustin Diamond still lives in Wisconsin but dont know what town

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