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How can I help my oily skin without expensive products?

How can I make my skin less shiny and oily without paying a lot of money?

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    I have very oily skin, especially my forehead, nose and cheekbone area. my skin is also very sensitive to products

    Oily skin can be very sensitive, as most people might not realize. using the wrong products and cleansing the wrong way can cause breakouts as much as oiliness!

    Treat your oily skin GENTLY, ive learned this the hard way.

    you don't mention breakouts, though most oily skinned people do at least get the odd pimple here and there.

    I suggest, wash your face no more that 2 x a day, anymore will cause irritation and extra oiliies! A cleanser that is oil-free is best, and one with no frgrance, a good one to try is

    Free &Clear liquid cleanser, look for it online.. it works best for me, wash with your finger tips only, scrubbing can actually cause breakouts on some people (im one of them) during the middle of the day, use oil blotting papers to absorb the oil until you wash your face at night.if your THAT oily, skip the moisturizers, they'll just clog your pores, despite what people say! IF you have any 'dry' spots use the lightest shearest oil-free moisturizer you can find. and use it only there. for me it's my chin. and believe it or not Milk of Magnesia makes a good oil absorbing mask! the plain kind. look for a light sunblock, try different ones, an SPF of 15 at least. use that instead of moisturizer! why add extra grase on grease?

    Wash your face with morning and night (only)

    use oil absorbing sheets during the day.( I use several a day)

    Skip creams (except on dry patches, if needed)

    Use spf 15 sunblock when needed.(they all feel a bit greasy)

    no scrubbing or too many washings (trust me there)

    Try the MOM mask a few times a week.

    Free &Clear is less than $8 bucks for an 8 oz bottle

    it lasts over a month for me.

    oh by the way, Bar Soap can really clog your pores, it contains animal fat! Free & Clear contains Glycerin.

    if you have oily skin like mine, you can't change that, but you can control it to an extent. keep it simple and gentle.

    P.S. most moisturizers contain the same things as the skins natural sebum, like Cholesterol, tryglycerides, fatty acids and oils

    that's why I say avoid them! see what I mean??

    the exception is a good sunblock that you can use. the sun causes wrinkles later in life!

    Good luck

    Source(s): My skin is VERY oily
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  • manger
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    4 years ago

    Products To Help Oily Skin

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  • 1 decade ago


    All products expensive or inexpensive pretty much do the same thing on your skin. The fact that your skin is oily is a nutrition problem. Alum will draw excess oiliness, do not use alcohol of any kind and that includes most toners. Just keep the face extremely clean with a gel soap bar and stop eating oily foods and do drink your required 8-10 glasses of water daily. Use a mask at least once a week to deep clean the skin.

    Source(s): ex-cosmetologist
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    3 years ago


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  • Sherry
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    4 years ago

    Homemade skin whitening products are by far the cheapest and safest solution to the brown spots which trouble you so much. Read here

    They are very effective and at the same nurture the skin, so that you will not only have a whiter skin, but a healthier one too.

    Each and every person wants a clean and radiant skin. Some spend fortunes on cosmetic products that will lighten the skin and remove all the imperfections, others spend their money on esthetic operations in the hope that their skin will look perfect. Lastly, there are people trying to fake a healthy skin by using all kinds of makeup that will cover the imperfections and leave the impression that the skin is healthy and has no scars, wrinkles or spots.

    All these people are looking for a way through which they can make their skin look good. Yet, what they have not taken into consideration is the power of natural ingredients. Fruits, vegetables and products coming from animals are great sources of anti-oxidants and are rich in substances which can whiten the skin, moisturize it, attenuate the fine lines and wrinkles and give it elasticity.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I had the oiliest skin around and I could write my name on my face by the work. No one told me then that it was necessary to use moisturiser and wash often. Here's a story-take from it what you will-as a teenager I liked the look of my legs if I used hand creme on my legs. I oiled them up every day and they were really pretty. Years later, the skin on my legs is very dry and I must use something on my legs or they are so dry. I would go by an inexpensive moisturiser and wash my face often with good soap and always moisturise afterwards. I was advised to use all this stuff to clean my face but nothing cut the oil and still doesn't on my nose. There was a book written and I don't know who wrote it or what the name of it was but it was an inexpensive way to use household products and they were as good the better stuff. I'm sure it's still around and can be found with the internet and then the library. I still use a lot of St. Ives products altho I can afford more. I used to buy a very expensive scrub and their apricot scrub is just about as good. I also use their masks. It all helps to have good skin. The other thing that might help is to learn what products are actually worth the $ and then go to places like Marshall's and see what you come up with. I have found some fantasic stuff their from sugar free flavors, great clothes, and very interesting body products. Oh yea and the best, best facial soap. Try them. And T J Maxx etc. . .Oily skin is a lot of work to make look fresh. And the best powder I found was translucent loose Corn Silk for sopping up the oil without looking like I had heavy makeup on. Plus it has a little sparkle in it that I always liked. Just keep washing and moisturising. It will get there. And last is a real strange one but is great especially if you happen to have a lemon tree. I used lemon as an astringent. I would just cut one up after I cleaned my face and then rub it all over. Then rinse it off. Someone told me about it and I thought it was a joke but it worked. Clean and lemon juice-nothing else. Just recently on Oprah this woman was talking about using lemon on your face. It really clears it up and my skin looked so much better. No joke-I promise.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The best make-up that I have found for my oily skin is "Bare Essential". It is a bit expensive, but you can get them on QVC cheaper than at the stores. I try a sample, and now I can't leave without them, even in the heat of the summer you look fresh not grease. Always buy products for oily or combination skin.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'd say just wash your face a lot and don't touch your face a lot either. Some people in my school (and sometimes even me) will put toothpaste on their pimple so that it may burn it and help it to go away faster. They do wash it off though of course. If you want to use creams or other treatment, I use Pure Zone pore unclogging scrub cleanser, Mary Kay acne treatment gel, Clean & Clear morning burst, and Clearasil face pads. These methods all work really well. You can find most of these (I don't know if Mary Kay sales in stores, but i really doubt that they do) in grocery stores, skin care places, or places like Target. I would also suggest that when trying new products that you look on the back to see whether or not it has oil in it. If it does I would suggest not to use it because it will only lead to an even oilier face and I know you don't want that. :D

    Source(s): Me :D
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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    First of all pay attention to the products you are using - avoid harsh treatments with high percentage of acid because they stress out the skin, dry it out and make it produce even more oils. Also, look for gentle cleanser and scrub - ones that don't strip away the natural oils your skin produces. Pay attention to your eating habits - try to balance your body from the inside out - eat more fruits, veggies and healthy fats. Don't forget to hydrate - drink a lot of water and find a light but powerful moisturizer, to help your skin heal on its own. Last but not least try integrating oils in your skin care routine (though it may sound controversial) - they can help reduce excess oil production and will also nourish your skin. Here you can find more about how to treat oily skin with oils - everything is explained in details and I believe you'll find the info helpful:

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hey Lauren.

    I have really oily skin- trust me, I know how you feel. I've tried countless acne products over the years, but only one combination really works for me. I use the Clearasil Ultra Deep Pore Clean Pads (twice a day, before bed and when I wake up) to get rid of the oils on my face. Then, I use the Proactive Solution Repairing Lotion to get rid of tough pimples (once a day, before bed). Neither of them require washing your face repeatedly or using a special "face brush" to scratch all the skin on your face.

    I know they can be a bit pricey, but I've had the same Proactive bottle for six months now, and the same Clearasil Wipes for about two months. They last a really long time, and are super effective without drying out your face.

    Hope I helped, and good luck!

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