Is it normal for six year-old to tell big lies and little lies?

My six year-old tells me things when she is mad at others and then tells me she lies about it; whether it be with teachers, friends, her friends. Other times she has lied to get herself out of trouble at school and I have caught her. I don't know when she is telling me the truth. We are going through this lying stage and I just don't know sometimes when she is truthful or not. I want to be able to help her, protect her, and I tell her to be honest with things.

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    My son is 8 and he has been going through that too. They are testing waters...All you can do is sit down explain that is is not good to lie you can get in far more trouble than just telling the truth. Lying can hurt people and their feelings. When I pray with my son everynight we ask that God gives him the knowledge to now the difference between right and wrong and the strength to make the right choices even when they are hard. Hang in there...You will get past this.

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    kids learn quick how to manipulate - and around this age is when they start perfecting it. Fist of all, when she tells the truth - does she get in the same trouble as when she lies, if so - change that ASAP - show her the difference between what happens when you lie and tell the truth. And when you do catch her in a lie - do not go overboard with punishment - but it has to be clear that a lie is never acceptable.. and -- this is a hard one to ask yourself - do you, or other adults she is around, lie about even the smallest things (little white lies) people underestimate how smart children are and if she hears and sees adults lying and it is okay - then in her mind it is okay for her as well. Alot of your answerers have told you that this is normal and she will grow out of it, but it is not normal or acceptable behavior as you say she does it alot when angry with others. I know your first instinct is to want to believe your child - but when lying is this serious, you need to take the opposite approach. and if you need to, tell her you know what really happened - and you are giving her this one chance to tell the truth if not ................ (tell her what her punishment will be) and stick to it - even if it breaks your heart - and each lie, the punishment should be a bit more severe. ( I am not talking about beating your child) she has to have a favorite thing to do, or place to go, or toy take them away, and include time outs every time. like 15 minutes.

    good luck the one this will be hardest on is you unfortunately.

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    It all depends at six you know right from wrong. But at six we had a head full of fiction as well. What boy didn't play cowboys or fly to the moon. And what little girl's doll didn't talk back to her and keep her secerts. Children use that fine line for the time when it is in their best interest. Like not getting a time out or a good whack! And then there is the playful times when no harm is done. No know no harm no foul! Kids will be kids. Until they join us in the rat-race called the real world.

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    It's pretty normal but it's also something you want to take seriously and stop in its tracks now. One of my kids went through a "truth-challenged" phase. We spent a lot of time emphasizing that integrity was one of our main family values. We played up situations where the adults were being honest in difficult situations (like when I stupidly rolled into a parked car in a deserted parking lot and left a note for the driver ... yeah, I just did it as an honesty lesson for my son. ;-) ). We read books about characters who make the choice to be honest in difficult situations, and books about kids who make the wrong choice (e.g. The Boy Who Cried Wolf). We imposed consequences for not telling the truth, and praised him when he did tell the truth even when it was hard. It took about a month, but the fibbing stopped. Talk to his teachers about how this is something you're working on with him and you'd appreciate it if they also helped out with consequences for dishonesty and praise for honesty in difficult situations.

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    Yes it is normal. Around that age kids are perfecting the art of fibbing, my cousin does it all the time and she is 7. She lies for no freaking reason but there are grown a** people out in this world that lie just as much as little kids so don't worry she'll get out of that stage. Hopefully lol.

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    between 5 and 7 most kids do tells lies. they have figured out how to keep from getting in trouble and it brings a reaction from people. just keep telling when you tell the truth you don't get in as much trouble as when you lie. when she lies and you catch her take away privileges or something that means alot to 5 year old will now come to me, when i ask where something went or who did and say, mom i am telling the truth i took the last cookie or i broke the glass. because he knows he will lose if favorite remote control boat for a week.

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    Tell her lying hurts and breeds mistrust.

    Try this...

    "Honey lying is really wrong. How would you like it if I told you we were going to the toy store to buy you anything you want and then you found out that it was a lie? How would that make you feel?"

    Then let her tell you. If she says "I don't know." ask her if it would make her feel mad....sad....angry, ect.

    "That is how I and others feel when you lie. It also makes people not trust you."

    Then read the story about "The Boy Who Called Wolf." and discuss it together. When she lies tell her she is calling wolf and then discuss the book again.

    Good luck!

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    Yes, it is very normal for children your daughter's age to make up things. Sometimes, they do so because it is what they WANT to be true - they're basically trying to convince yourselves. Telling her to be honest is a good start. If you catch her in a lie, ask her gently, "Are you sure that's what happen, or did THIS happen?" Never, ever label her by calling her a liar; it will only cause more problems. When you give a child a label, she tends to live up to it. Don't worry, your daughter is not destined to be a pathological liar. Good luck!

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    Yeah, that is normal. But maybe it would help if you got her in counseling at school. Then you could work with the counselor to get her to understand that lying is not ok. It's an uphill battle. You've got to call her on every lie and challenge her on everything. If she doesn't like that, talk to her about earning trust and that she's betrayed your trust so she has to earn it back.

    Kids that age are pretty eager to please, so hopefully, it won't be too difficult to get her back ont he right path.

    Good luck! :)

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    Just part of being a kid she probably picked it up from her friends just explain to her she will get in less trouble if she tells the truth.

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