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Anonymous asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

kerry blue terriers?

why are they so so notorious , we own one and he is everybody's friend , he has been attacked by a couple of dogs , is it because he is so fab looking! that other dogs are so jealous of him , confusing really as some people say that they hate them for their temper, give me a break!!

please dont give me any websites etc asI have been given in the past, know everything about them,

Owners and what they do to dogs , etc etc


our kerry wouldnt hurt a fly and as for hunting he is such a wuss, . we have not shown him in big competitions as that is not what we got him from but when we go to Ireland in the summer we put him into the local shows and has come away with numerous trophies(just for fun and really dust collectors I think)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I never knew that a Kerry Blue Terrier was so notorious. I grew up owning a Kerry Blue Terrier and she was the best dog that I have ever owned. Like all terrier breeds, a Kerry Blue should not back down from a fight and mine never did. But they also should never go looking for trouble (a fight). If a Kerry Blue has a bad temper it is either from inbreeding or from the way it was raised. Most Kerry Blue's are very loving, loyal and protective just as in any other breed. I will admit that when a Kerry Blue is in show coat there is no other breed that can compete with it as they look and act elegant. However keeping a Kerry Blue in show coat is alot of work if done properly. Most people don't realize that you have the scissor the majority of the coat, clippers are just used on the head. I showed mine for years and she was always in coat, even after I quit showing her. All terriers were bred to hunt and kill vermin, just as other breeds were bred for a specific purpose so that has nothing to do with their temperament. As the old adage goes "Once a Kerry Blue lover always a Kerry Blue lover" and that is so true.

  • 1 decade ago

    I have heard the same thing about Kerry Blue Terriers, even from a couple of vets. A friend of mine had one for a few years and the dog attacked him for no reason. He was lying on the couch watching TV when the dog attacked. He was in the hospital for weeks and the dog was euthanized. I once read that some dogs, just like some people, can be mentally ill and prone to violence. I have no idea if that's true, not about the people but about the dogs.

  • 6 years ago

    I had a kerry blue and until she was 2 she was the friendliest dog ever, she was even a little fearful of other dogs. When she turned two she started attacking my jack Russell for absolutely no reason, and after we separated them she went back to normal, but about 10 times later she didn't go back to normal and it was like she wasn't there anymore all she wanted to do was attack and her eyes where empty.

    She had to be put to sleep, the vet said they have had to put too many to count kerry blues to sleep after they "snap"

    We where worned about kerry blues before we got one, but we thought cause we are very experienced owners and trainers it would be fine. We where sadly wrong , I think there is something wrong with the dogs blood line in the uk and Ireland, I have never heard of this breed to snap in America

    Source(s): Personal experience, talking to breeders, vets and other owners
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