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3.我的鏡子 ~可以隨時注意我的儀容!







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    Hello everyone!

    This is my favorite bag (purse),

    it's my 18th birthday's present.

    Today, I would like to tell(show) you what's in my bag (purse)!

    In my bag(purse), there're:

    1) My coat (or jacket)~ I like this jacket very much, the coloutful buttons are so cute!

    I always bring a jacket when I go out

    because I'm afraid of cold weather.

    when the aircondition is too cold (strong), I'll put it on.

    2) My diary~ I'll jot(write) down my homework

    and record what happen in the day!!

    3) My mirror~ can help me to keep up with my appearance!

    4) My umbrella~ This is my favorite one with lovely floral pattern, I'll keep it in my bag everyday, in case of rain.

    5) My cell(mobile) phone~ this is a must to keep contact with all my freinds, can't do without it~

    6) My wallet~ this is my favorite wallet, it has been with me for more than one year.

    7) My made up case~ there're oil control tissues,lip gross and eye drops.

    All of these items (stuff) are must for me,

    I carry them in my purse everyday !!

    Thank you everybody!!


    I hope this would help~ Good Luck~

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    Everyone good this is I wrap a pack most favoritely, it is me 18-year-old birthday gift.I will introduce me to wrap in have what today!

    I wrap in have:

    1.My coat~I like this coat to have colorful clasp very much lovely, I go out a Certainly bring a coat because I am very afraid and cold, when school cold air is too strong I will wear it Up!!

    2.My book of diary~I will record my business of the homework, occurrence of everyday at in!!

    3.My mirror~can notice my appearance at any time!

    4.My umbrella~this is I the most favorite umbrella contain lovely assortment, I will bring everyday

    At nearby, in order to prevent rain.

    5.I of cellular phone~must bring everyday of thing, contact friend.

    6.My wallet~this is I the most favorite wallet, it kept company with me for more than a years.

    7.My makeup wraps~in having a facial blotting tissue, lip care balm to still have eye drops.

    Is the thing that I certainly bring everyday above!!Thank everyone!!

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