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What is "Clear to Build" (CTB)?

I found a job posted on Apple website and the job title is Materials Program Manager. One of its job description is "CTB- Manage the CTB process with the OEMs; ensure that the process is working smoothly and that we have clear visibility on materials over a 13-week horizon. Work with the OEMs and the GSMs on all identified material issues until issues get closed/resolved. "

Can anyone helps me about CTB? Is that a process or something?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    CTB (Clear to Build) is an inventory control tool that tracks the accumulated quantity of material from day 0, typically day 1 of the quarter, available for builds. The number reflected on the CTB is the sum of all incoming quantity from supplier shipment minus fallout, which can happen at IQC or online production. Keep in mind that CTB does not subtract out the number of actual builds. In other words, it is the maximum number of units that can be built since day 0. The actual number of build or packout may or may not be the same as CTB.

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  • 4 years ago

    What Is Ctb

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