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I just noticed a lump on the left side of my dogs chest?

I just noticed a lump on the left side of my dogs chest, it feels like there is a tube also connected and cannot figure out what it might be. Worms? the tube is about 2 -3 inches long and moves down to a larger lump not a perfect round lump but different densities and bumpy? Any Ideas

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    could be a cyst or something worse. go to your vet sooner than later. in fact call in the morning.

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    You probally wouldn't be able to feel worms in your pet... Most worms are intestinal, it is maybe a cyst, tumor, fatty tumor, or of the such. I would have your vet check it out. If it has just been noticed maybe it can be caught in time, before it becomes more sever, and inoperable... It is always a good idea with lumps and such to have them checked out to see if they are cancerous, and have the pet treated, it is hard for us on here to tell you what something like this is, best to leave that to your vet.

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    A ump could be almost anything. Cancerous, fatty deposit. ect.. your dog needs to see a vet .

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    visit the vet

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