Mitch Mitchell???(the jimi hendrix)?

were is he and what is he doing nowa days

is he really a atheasist

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    In 1999 Mitchell appeared on the late Bruce Cameron's album, "Midnight Daydream" that included other Hendrix alumni Billy Cox and Buddy Miles along with Jack Bruce, with whom Mitchell had worked after Hendrix's passing. Mitchell, seemingly in an attempt to satisfy the most enthusiastic fans of his drum work with Hendrix, even played a series of live shows with the very accurate Hendrix emulator Randy Hansen. Most recently, he was part of the "Gypsy Sun Experience" band, along with former Hendrix bassist Billy Cox and guitarist Gary Serkin. He is now in semi-retirement and lives in Europe.

    You can find out more about what Mitch Mitchell is up to be visiting his website although it is still under construction.

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