Why do skinny Africans have big stomachs?

I don't get it. I see it on those "Donate to poor Africans" shows where they show starving Africans, but some of them have such big stomachs, while others have such small stomachs, that you can practically see their ribcage because they're so hungry.

What causes their stomachs to bulge so much?

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    Because most of them are suffering from kwashiorkor,a form of malnutrition caused ny inadequate protein intake.In other words,they are starving to death.



    Source(s): I sponsor a child in Senegal.
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    Starving from overall lack of food (carbohydrates, fats, and protein) causes loss all over equally. When you have a starvation diet that has carbohydrates and no protein (a diet of only rice, or corn, or fruit, etc) is causes this appearance. Two diffenrent starvation diets....both ending in death.

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    It's a symptom of starvation (wikipedia gives two possible scientific rationales behind it in their listing for kwashiorkor, a type of malnutrition, if you want to get into the specifics).

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    Need more details before I can give answer

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    Well, it depends..

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