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Why do skinny Africans have big stomachs?

I don't get it. I see it on those "Donate to poor Africans" shows where they show starving Africans, but some of them have such big stomachs, while others have such small stomachs, that you can practically see their ribcage because they're so hungry.

What causes their stomachs to bulge so much?

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    The bulging in their stomachs is a protein deficiency called kwashiorkor, caused by malnourishment. You can read about it on google. Hope this helps!

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    disease, worms, malnourishment. Many of the children there are in dire need, but much of the money still goes to the "helping organization" and only a small portion goes to actually help these ppl would put at least 80-90% to the cause, and not in their pockets, the hunger that these children are suffering from would diminish.

  • Nessa.
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    i saw little children on those commercials too. im guessing its fatigue or something liek that.

  • they have a thing called starvation there it effects every one there.

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  • 1 decade ago

    they have worms.. same thing happens to puppies

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