Swimming and upper body muscle workout?

I'm looking for serious advice on how to gain some upper body muscle mass and strength by swimming. For starters I'm going to swim 4 x 2h per week (if needed I might add another 2-4h.)

Pool is half of the size of olympic pool and I'm 6'3" 186lbs guy if that matters.

Can someone advise me on how to achieve the best results in a reasonable amount of time ie. 1 year? I would love to hear comments of people who actually did something like that. If there is no good ideas in the air, maybe someone could point me to the place/person that could help me "organize" my workout so that I don't waste time. Thanks a million :-)

If you don't really want to help me, please keep your comments for yourself, don't write just for sake of doing it. Thanks a bunch :)

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    I would encourage you to buy some hand paddles. They help increase resistence in the water making your lats, delts and pec do more work. BTW - it's not the length of time you are in the pool but the intensity of your workout. Use the first month to get used to swimming (if you don't already swim) and work on your endurance, stroke technique, etc.

    Then start doing 100's and time yourself. Make it a goal to trim time from your sets. Finally, I would encourage you to do some research at your library or online and see what specific techniques will help you improve as a swimmer.

    If you are really focused on getting bigger pecs, stay out of the water and use free weights.

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    NO NO NO!! WAYYY WRONG! high amount of reps with a low weight for example 15kg x 25 reps...this will jst tone your muscle, like women do at the gym, who just want to get skinnier and toned. You want to get a bit more bulkier? More stronger and defined? You got to use high weights and low reps like 30kg+ x 10 reps! I have no idea where you got that but that is totally wrong! Cardio is really important, running, cycling and swimming are the best. Do cardio before you workout your muscles, because it warms them up first and you will feel less lactic acid in your muscles...OUCH! Do a full workout each time but do it every other day so your muscles can rest and grow!

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    Hey, I started doing pushups and gradually over like a period of 2 weeks...up my number that I do. I did them daily. Also, I lifted wieghts (mainly shoulders and triceps) and gradually upped my reps and weight on that. But I did resistance like bowflex or techrod machines do. I know that sounds too simple but it helped me go from a 37 sec to a 30 sec for a 50 yard course. Sometimes just the simpleist things work


    Hope this helps


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