civics help please! what were the states in 1913?

what states were in 1913?

what were the smaller ones?

and what were the larger ones?

how do i convince people of 1913 to vote for the 17th amendment? (where 2 senators from each state make up the senate)

please help.

it's due tomorrow. one page long, its supposed to be a newspaper article. giving information about the 17th amendment and why they should vote for it. what states were against it and what states were for it?

please help. and thanks a bunch<3

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    1) Look at a list of years of statehood and you can determine the states. (google statehood)

    2)Of those, you can look through an atlas of today to determin the smallest - the areas of the states haven't changed. Use common sense - you know Texas wouldn't be one - so look at a map to determine the states you want to look up. (CIA Factbook would probably have it)

    3) Since the 17th amendment passed, read your text book to learn WHY it passed. What were the issues that prompted it? Then base your arguments on that. You can wikipedia the 17th amendment.

    4) Don't forget to answer Who, What, When, Why and How in the first paragraph of your newspaper article!

    I hope this helps. You have to do your own homework - it's about more than learning hard facts. You have to learn HOW to learn. I hope the above will give you enough for you to find the answers on your own. I think you'll do great! Good luck!

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    New Mexico and Arizona entered the Union in 1912 as the 47th and 48th states. It wasn't until 1959 that Alaska and Hawaii became the 49th and 50th states.

    As for size look at a map of the US. The sizes are still the same as they were then.

    The 17th Amendment mad the Senators more responsive to the will of the people and not necessarily to the state legislatures. It made it possible for people of different parties to get a chance at being a Senator. Also people who were not part of the "good ol' boy" network within a state's political types could have a chance at being a Senator.

    I got all this information just as you could by using the browser on my Internet connection. Yahoo or Google are both good browsers.

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    I believe all were states but Alaska and Hawaii.

    Smaller ones would be rhode island, Maryland, Maine ETC just like today.

    Let them know that this will equal up the voting rights for each state.

    Please dont take my answer as correct. This is my best guess.

    Good luck.

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    Why in heavens name would you wait until the last moment--You really need to do your own research, do not rely on strangers, you may receive inaccurate information for your report.

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    United of course

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    you want someone to do your homework for you, and i refuse to give you the answers...cowboy up and get to the books

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