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Do the magnolia plant have thc in them b/c they are related to pot?

I read somewhere that the magnolia and the cannabis plant are related. So does that mean magnolia's have thc in them even in a trace amount?

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    Magnolias, and "Cannabis sativa" are only very distantly related.

    They are in the same class, "magnoliaphyta", i.e. "flowering plants."

    However, Magnolias belong to the order "Magnoliales", while Cannabis belongs to the order "Urticales" (nettles)

    Magnolias do not contain any THC. In general, THC is only found in hemp plants, of the genus "Cannabis"

    On the other hand, the bark of some kinds of Magnolia (Magnolia officianalis, and M. obovata), has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. In china, Magnolia bark is known as "hou-po." Three important compounds have been identified from the bark, "Magnolol," "Honokiol," and "Obovatol." These have been shown to have anti-anxiety and anti-tumor effects.


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    Magnolias and marajuana are in two separate plant families. Marajuana is related to the hops plant used to flavor beer.

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