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Can white or brown schnauzers be registered with the A.K.C?

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    There are **********ONLY********** 3 ALLOWABLE COLORS!!!

    GO LOOK!!!!

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    They will not register a dog that is white or liver, they are outside of the standard. You have two options here, one is shady and not recomended, but if you are dead set on registering a dog this color, this is how the unreputable breeders do so.

    1. Call it a recognized color on the registration. -the easy way, but only done by bad breeders who want to register the dogs to get more $$ out of them, these colors shouldn't even be registered, since they do not fit into the standard. One reason for not allowing them to be registered is to try to detour bad breeders from breeding dogs that are these colors.


    2. go ahead and mark the box that is there for other colors and try to see how far you get. Odds are you will just get the run around from the AKC. You will have to take several pics of the dog from all angles and leave it up to their discretion as to weather the dog will be registered. More often than not, they will either tell you it is a silver dog, or will refuse to register it because it is outside of the standard.

    These colors should not even be registered, but rather speutered and sold to pet homes. Good breeders cull these dogs from their litters and do their best to not have these colors occur. That way there is no chance of them being bred to create"registered, rare colors" advertisements for dogs from unreputable breeders, that in no way fit the standard of what a schnauzer should be.

    White used to be a common color in the mini schnauzer when the breed was first being created, but was deemed undesireable, so it was ruled out as an acceptable color and breeders have been trying for decades to eliminate it from the breed entirely, so what would be the point of bringing it back when it has deliberately been weeded out over the years by good breeders trying to do the best for the breed?

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  • 1 decade ago

    If both parents were registered with the AKC, then the offspring can be registered as well, regardless if it fits the "breed standard".

    Registration does NOT mean the dogs fit the breed standard or that they are of any certain quality. The only thing registration means is that the dog is purebred and the dog's parents were AKC registered.

    Reputable breeders will sell dogs with faults (both "penalizing" and "disqualifying" faults) with a spay/neuter contract and limited AKC registration.

    With limited AKC registration, you can still compete in AKC events like obedience, rally, agility, etc., but not in confirmation.

    If you dog is not able to be AKC registered because the parents were not AKC registered, you can still compete in the AKC events allowed with limited registration by getting an ILP number.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i know nothing about schnauzers- breed standard including colors and disqualifying traits is on the web site. Even a dog that has a disqualifying trait can be registered, but it cannot be shown in conformation, and should NEVER be bred (that's why its a disqualification- so people know not to breed them). Assuming of course that both parents are AKC registered.

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    I'm not sure, but the place to go to find out is their webpage

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