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Considering relocation to Miraflores, Lima, Peru`?

A female friend and I are head over heals for each other. She is a business professional as well. We are in the same age range. I would give anything to be with her. Does anybody know anything about Miraflores, Lima, Peru from personal experience and not just what is written on the internet?

ex. cost of living, employment, attitude about towred Americans, areas to live in, food, family outlook, lifestyle? Anything worth talking about?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    First of all Miraflores, Lima and Peru are very different places which you might be use to in America. If you expect to find a lot of similarities, then I would suggest to stay at home. If you are looking for a change and can adapt easily to a new environments and a new way of life, then proceed.

    Miraflores is considered one of the nest districts in Lima. It houses most of Lima's 5 start hotels, best restaurants and shopping centers. It borders another popular district, San Isidro, considered Lima's financial district. Both this areas are very popular with tourists and ex-pats.

    Housing in this areas will be more expensive than other areas in Lima, specially because of it's popularity with ex-pats.

    Overall, everything else will pretty much be the same through out Lima in regards to cost of living, attitude towards Americans, employment opportunities.

    However, regarding employment it is not easy for a non-Spanish speaking foreigner to get a good job in Lima. The unemployment rate is quite high and there is a lot of competition for good jobs. It will depend a lot on contacts your girl might have that can open doors for you. Most Americans I have known that lived in Lima usually worked as English teachers, translators or for American based companies.

    Food is great, as long as your palate likes to adventure beyond McDonalds and BurgerKing.

    Finally, to the guy that answered that Peru is close to communism, I would ask him to please respond to subjects he has knowledge of. Today, Peru is far from being a communist/populist country and the current goverment has distance themselves from Chavez's and has good relationships with the USA and Europe.

  • 1 decade ago

    To be honest I don't know much about Peru, but I know many people that want to run from there. The political system is now taken my a "populist" president wich is very close to Chavez and Castro = comunism. Its a close society that doesnt accept very easy same sex couples, the have a lack abot many things: technoligical, education. Its great you consider moving with her, but you should think of moving to a different country.

  • 5 years ago

    i've got been there and enjoyed it, too. i'm not American, nonetheless. They call human beings Gringos and love making relaxing of them. it fairly is totally packed in Lima, quite as you flow closer to the fee. using your motor vehicle over there'll prob. misery you each and every and each now and then to an quantity which you will merely merely walk. it fairly is especially warm down there, yet I take exhilaration in the warmth. it is likewise sort of segregated - the undesirable stay in one section, the wealthy in yet another. The water is less warm than you're able to think of through Humboldt Strom. lots of boats, quite as you flow a ways out. a attractive place to spend ones holiday, yet to stay.... idk

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