In Islamic countries the stats on reported number of crimes is extremely LOWER than in western countries. ODD?

Furthermore in the countries designated as Islamic is the birth rate very high , as compared to the very low birth rate in the non-Islamic western countries.


Or Could it be that they take their One religion seriously!!

Where as the break aways from The Catholic Church think they can do whatever they please and all is well with that, including actively working against The Church to serve political and lustful motives!-- Istanbul Not Constainople!

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    Yes that is true. Take Saudi Arabia for example. Saudi Arabia practices Shariah Law. In Shariah Law a rapist, killer, homosexual, kidnapper, drug smuggler gets their head chopped off in public. Adulterers are stoned to death. Thieves get their hand or foot chopped off on the third offense. Women and men who commit fornication are whipped 100 times in public since virginity is important for both men and women until marriage in Islam. This deters crime because of the severe penalties for certain crimes and scares the entire citizens of the country making it safe to live in. You don't need to worry about being killed for your money or for just stepping outside your door. You can carry $200 or more in your pocket and can go outside without having to worry about someone robbing you for your cash. Now look at the USA. If you rape someone then you go to jail for 25 years which means you'll be out in 15 for good behavior and then that person will continue to rape other women until he dies. Or the woman might be afraid to testify against her rapist because she is afraid that when he gets out he'll kill her. You can be shot for just stepping outside your house or over $1.00 in the USA! How does this make the USA safe? The USA has the highest crime rate in the world. If the USA implemented Shariah Law the USA would be a lot safer. The USA is concerned about human rights in other countries but they don't bother to protect their own citizens from crime. Also about the high birth rate in Muslim countries. In Islam family is very important and so Muslims are encouraged to have large numbers of children. Not only to spread Islam faster but the main reason is if the husband dies the eldest son can get a job and provide for his widowed mother and orphaned siblings. Whereas in the USA most couples only have 1-2 children and then quit having kids. When the couple dies the children are split up and thrown in foster care or a realative takes only one child in and not the other. If the father died then the widowed wife would have to work the rest of her life to take care of her children and she would be miserable because she would never see her children and no man in the USA wants to marry a woman who has kids.

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    in muslim countries with the shariah law, rapists are killed, adulterers are stoned to death, and stealers get their hand chopped off. it's mostly the dicipline that the shariah law has to offer that scares the people into doing anything wrong, not that it wasn't "reported" like some of the answererd say. terrorism exists in both the west and the east. thousands are raped everday in the west, and only go to jail for some time..then they get out and rape someone else. can you tell me, when was the last time you heard a muslim raping, or robbing a bank, or something like that. i don't recall anything. in nigeria, they practice islamic law...and the residents of that country don't have the fear of leaving their house door open, or carrying alot of money in their purse, cause no one will dare to do such crimes, due to the consequences given. islam is against beating of the wife, or any kind of abuse towards women, instead you may find such crimes instilled in the people's attitudes or cultures...but don't think that Islam gave them permission to do so.

    Islam gave women so many rights, and gave her the the right of divorce, 1400 years before america gave that right to women, even the right to vote.

    Stop unestimating the religion, start reading books.

    Good Luck finding the truth.

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    Your statement about low reported crimes in islamic countries is quite right.But the birth rate I think not in all islamic countries is very high.In islamic countries such as Indonesia the birth rate is low because the government has launched the birth control program more than 10 years ago.

    The low crime rate in islamic countries is caused by (1)its penalty/punisment for crime in line with Qur'an and Hadith is very hard such cutting hisd/her hand for stealing so muslims will think twice for conducting a crime (2)prohibition of killi ing,gambling,stealing,insulting,cheating etc are clearly stated in the holy Qur'an that shoiuld be obeyed by muslims (3)islamic government protect the poor and the richmen pay islamic taxes regularly and properly where its fund is used for helping the poor (4 muslims have a high social responsibility

    any time in togetherness for helping others.

    The high birth rate in general islamic countries is caused by (1)most of muslim families are poor and low educated (2)not all islamic countries have a birth control program which is inlene with islamic teaching that controlling pregnant is not an abortion.It prevents for pregnancing,so there bis no killing fetus in the womb.(3) the poor and uneducated muslims do not know that birth control is not against with islamic religion and they can not afford for funding pills ,injection or other tool of birth control(4) they have no other entertainment before going to bed..In the western countries the birth rate is low among others caused by high abortion rate while it is very low in islamic countries.Crime rate in western countries is very high caused by low moral , low compliance to their reli

    gion teaching and there are many atheists .

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    The key word is "reported".... are you silly enough to believe they report "all" the crimes, like the "honor killings" that are not reported????

    Regarding the birth rate, is obvious, they think they will get to be the majority that way, what could happen if they wont condone so many murder-homicides.

    Why don't you look for stats on education and see how many Muslims get a higher education vs. the Western world?????

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    Read your question again. REPORTED crime.

    You will also find that the definition of crime in those countries is different that in this country.

    If a man beats his wife to death because she cannot cook, or is not satisfying in bed, it is not a crime in those countries.

    Hate crimes do not exist because hate is preached everyday.

    When you steal from someone who is not a follower of the local flavor of Islam, it is not a crime.

    Birthrates in developed countries are almost always lower that the birthrates in undeveloped countries.

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    In Islam( the real Islam I mean) death punishment is allowed only in one case: "Murdering." No other quilties can be punished by death. And death punishment can only given by the court.

    As to robery: Koran do not includes a "cutting hand" punishment. If you look at the verb that used in the related verse of Koran( I just couldn't remember the chapter) you can see that it means to "put a mark on". [you can compare the verb with the another verse in the Koran that illustrate the women cutting their hands when they saw the prophet Joseph(pbuh) ] (I couldn't remember the chapter again.)

    Unfortunately in lots of Islamic country we come across to wrong practices. But this is not Islam's fault, this is people's fault. We(muslims) need a huge self_criticism.

    Mohammed (pbuh) didn't cut any hands!

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    Low Crime Rate Countries

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    Generally theocracies don't produce very accurate crime statistics. And in any case, crime statistics generally show the number of arrests rather than the number of crimes, so they're more a reflection of the level of policing than the level of crime. Also, you can't accurately compare crime-rates from areas with different criminal laws.

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    That shows that crimes are tolerated , not reported . The earth is rapidly becoming overpopulated , what's so great about banging out more and more kids ?

    Westerners realize that the good life in not in how many kids you have , but in how few .

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